If You Need An Autumn Sport, Try These


With summer cricket winding down, there are a few slow months approaching for sports fans. And while there’s still some cricket to stay tuned in for (particularly in the Southern Hemisphere), this can actually make for a fun time of year to see how you like some other sports as well. So, with that in mind, we’re taking a look at a few Autumn Sport and leagues around the world that can be a great deal of fun to follow through the autumn and into the winter season.

European Football

The clearest pick when one is looking for a sport to follow throughout the autumn season in European football. While the teams take a break from domestic competition during the hotter months, all of the major leagues get back to action at the tail end of summer. The best leagues in Europe generally viewed as those in England (the Premier League), Spain (La Liga), Germany (Bundesliga), Italy (Serie A) and France (Ligue 1). But even some of the smaller leagues, in other countries or lower divisions in places like England, can be thrilling to watch. The bottom line is that while there’s excellent football elsewhere in the world also, Europe has a disproportionately high number of star players and world-class clubs. And that’s before we even touch on the decades-old rivalries and deeply loyal fan bases that make the leagues so exciting. You simply can’t go wrong taking an interest in European football.

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American College Football


American college football may be quite foreign to some, but for fans, it borders on religion. Collegiate sports in the United States are a big deal in general, but the competition and atmosphere in NCAA football are perhaps unrivaled. One betting guide to the organization characterized it as a festival of traditions, rivalries and tailgating to rival any other, and frankly, that’s just about a perfect tradition. Which games you watch matters, of course, and there are teams better worth tracking than others. But if you keep an eye on the rankings and betting odds you’ll quickly get a feel for the best of the best, and you’ll likely catch some sporting action that will take your breath away.



There’s a common perception that tennis ends with the U.S. Open in late August and early September. This is because the New York tournament is the last of the four “Grand Slam” events that largely define the professional tennis calendar. And it’s true that the U.S. Open is the last larger-than-life, two-week tournament each year. However, the tennis calendar actually extends through the end of the autumn and includes some very fun events to tune in for. The tour swings through East Asia shortly after the U.S. Open, and then back through parts of Europe. This part of the schedule includes events like the Rolex Shanghai Masters and Rolex Paris Masters on the men’s side and the China Open and Kremlin Cup for the women. Additionally, both the men’s and women’s sides have their year-end final events in early November. The ATP Finals in London and WTA Finals in Shenzhen can be every bit as fun as the Grand Slams to watch. 


The NBA starts up in the middle of October, meaning that even though it’s largely considered a winter sport, much of its schedule takes place in autumn. The league consistently boasts the best basketball talent on Earth, and is in the midst of a particularly entertaining stretch of seasons, with plenty of marketable stars and terrific teams. This year, fans can get a bit of a sneak preview of the players who will help to define the league, given that Team USA’s roster has been finalized for the late-summer FIBA World Cup. But it’s once the autumn begins that the best basketball in the world really gets underway.

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