IIITD partners with AI-based Research Assistant RAx


New Delhi, 29th March 2022: Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology Delhi has always been aiming at supporting and nurturing their students in research. As part of this research-focussed academic approach, the Institute has partnered with Raxter.io (RAx) – an Indian company specializing in Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Natural Language Processing (NLP) based products for literature review, critical reading, concept extraction, semantic knowledge mining, content discovery, and recommendation tools for researchers, reviewers and publishers. This partnership will bring together the vision of promoting IT-based research among young scholars in a leading technology institute and the technological acumen and sophistication of a home-grown AI-based research organization, for the betterment of the researching students.

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IIIT-Delhi is one of the leading comprehensive research-led teaching institutes in India. On one hand, promoting cutting-edge research is in the institutional DNA of IIIT-Delhi, and on the other hand, the motto at RAx is to assist researchers at every stage of their research journey like resource exploration, collaboration, critical analysis, literature review and drafting. Therefore, this collaboration will lead to a symbiotic relationship between both the institutions, leading to the holistic development of student researchers, in a sustainable manner.

As part of this collaboration, RAx will sponsor and support select Ph.D scholars from IIIT-Delhi for their research projects. The company’s hand-holding of IIIT-Delhi’s students will involve support to publish their research papers in Tier-1 conference proceedings and journals, creating a community-driven open-source framework in scholarly document processing and the curation of proprietary intellectual property. It will also assist the research students to explore related research problems in the broader field of Natural Language Processing, Recommendation Systems, and Knowledge Graphs. Dr. Tanmoy Chakraborty, Head of Centre for AI at IIIT-Delhi and Laboratory for Computational Social Systems will be working as the PI from the Institute. 

Dr. Chakraborty is extremely optimistic about this collaboration, “Here at IIIT-Delhi we do not believe in just churning out IT professionals and crowding the already concentrated industry. IIIT-Delhi acknowledges the power of research as a key component of not only academia but also society at large. We believe in supporting and nurturing young researchers and what better resource could they have than the expertise of a company like RAx?”

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Sourish Dasgupta, the founder of RAx said, “We are extremely excited to be partnering with IIIT-Delhi because we are being able to share our expertise with young researchers. By combining IIIT-Delhi’s research-focussed approach with the RAx team’s top-notch NLP-ML technology, we will be able to provide superior and smarter knowledge acquisition and management platforms to researchers. Often there remains a huge gap between researchers and publishers during scholarly communication, which in turn hampers the entire academic ecosystem. This collaboration is a much-needed step towards narrowing that gap.”

Both IIIT-Delhi and RAx are open to future opportunities of collaboration. This collaboration is also expected to spread nationally to the other IIITs located in multiple cities across the Indian states of Maharashtra, Telengana, Gujarat etc.

About IIITD: About IIIT-Delhi

Indraprastha Institute of Information Technology, Delhi (IIIT-Delhi) was created as a state university by an act of the Delhi Government in 2008 empowering it to do research and grant academic degrees. With world-class faculty and an environment that endeavours to nurture state-of-the-art research and innovation, and enables entrepreneurial activities that bring the gains of deep-tech to the society at large, IIIT-Delhi has grown to become one of the most promising young institutions in India. It has been accorded 12-B status by the University Grants Commission.  It is ranked #4 among all universities in India in the Times Higher Education world university rankings 2021 and also among all technical schools in India in the latest Dataquest T-School rankings 2021. The institute was awarded “Excellence in Faculty” in the 7th Higher Education Excellence Awards 2021 by the Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce & Industry (FICCI).
IIIT-Delhi hosts the academic departments of Computer Science and Engineering, Electronics and Communication Engineering, Computational Biology, Human Centered Design, Mathematics, and Social Sciences & Humanities. In addition, there are 8 research centres spanning across the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Design and New Media, Technology in Policing, Human-Centered Design, Light Fidelity, Sustainable Mobility, Healthcare and DataKart Centre of Excellence, engaged in high-quality research and development activities. IIITD also houses an Incubation Centre (IC) and a Technology Innovation Hub (TiH).

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