Independence Starts Early: Kangaroo Kids unveils 2-week trial pilot programme for children to experience transformative education


This free pilot programme is aimed at ensuring that parents and their children get to witness the Kangaroo Kids’ curriculum & benefits of early childhood education in overall development 

Mumbai, August 10, 2023:
This Independence Day, Kangaroo Kids International Preschool, India’s No. 1 Premium International Preschool Brand, is inviting all parents to avail a 2-week free trial pilot programme at their nearest Kangaroo Kids centre. The pilot program is designed for parents who have not yet enrolled their child in Kangaroo Kids preschool. This free trial programme aims to introduce parents to the curriculum, teaching methodologies, pedagogy, and learning environment. Through this programme, Kangaroo Kids encourages all parents to take steps towards contributing to their children’s independence by providing them with transformative early childhood education.

The programme is designed for children aged between 2-6 years and will run till August 20. 100+ centres from across the country will be running this programme for a duration of 2 weeks. Kangaroo Kids aims to equip young minds with the right future skills and habits of the mind to harness their inner selves, building the next independent generation for India.

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The brand recently marked the milestone of completing 30 years in transforming the face of early childhood education in India. Kangaroo Kids is known for its path-breaking pedagogy and learner-centric approach. The brand also introduced the new age iCan learning system, which has been developed to prepare children for an ever-changing world. The brand’s high-quality early childhood education programme provides children with multiple levels of simulation, support, and cultivation as an early advantage.

Speaking on the launch of free trial pilot programme, KVS Seshasai, CEO, Pre-K Division, Lighthouse Learning, said, “At Kangaroo Kids, we believe that a strong foundation is the cornerstone of a child’s educational journey. Our two-week free trial pilot program will enable parents to witness first-hand how our approach sets the stage for lifelong learning. Kangaroo Kids is more than just nurturing academic prowess; it’s about cultivating the seeds of inquisitiveness and building the future skills and habits of mind that will empower children to flourish in an ever-evolving environment. By immersing themselves in our dynamic environment, parents can make informed decisions about their child’s educational future.”

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In addition to the curriculum, the brand’s success in leading transformative early childhood education in India can be attributed to the best-in-class teacher-child ratio of 1:6 for personalised attention, specially curated spaces for an enhanced learning experience, and enrichment programmes for extended learning at home.

About Kangaroo Kids

Kangaroos Kids is India’s Most Desired Preschool Education Brand, with over 30 years of experience, and has a presence in 36+ cities & 6 countries. It has pioneered a whole new concept in learning and kick-started a movement that has transformed the face of preschool education in India. With its iCan Learning System, Kangaroo Kids aims to prepare children to not just live but thrive in an extremely disruptive external world by harnessing their inner selves with the right skills and habits.

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