India’s largest School EdTech major, ‘LEAD’ strengthens its position through innovative technological solutions


Mumbai/ 31st January 2022: LEAD, a pioneer in the School Edtech domain, has introduced innovative technology to transform school education in India. So far, LEAD has transformed education for over 1.2 million students at 3000+ schools across the country. In addition, LEAD’s online-offline strategy has been a huge success where the stakeholders can switch between various modes without any hassle or disruption.

LEAD was founded by Sumeet Mehta and Smita Deorah, to make quality education accessible to students across India.

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 Though the speed at which the sector progressed has been languid, LEAD has expedited the growth and brought about long-awaited changes. LEAD is renowned for its international standard curriculum, its holistic approach towards learning, giving students a platform to learn beyond the conventional walls of the classroom and empowering every stakeholder with requisite tools and software to make their jobs easier.

For example, with the help of the school owner app, school owners can:

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  1. Get regular updates on students/teachers and administrative departments.
  2. Switch to different modes to ensure efficient management of the school.
  3. Save cost by investing in an all-in-one software that can handle all major tasks.
  4. Avail automation of all major manual tasks to save time and improve the overall functioning of departments.

COVID-19 may be a sudden shock but is unlikely to be the last. Schools must use smart technology to benefit every stakeholder, especially the management, for whom the pandemic has left a lasting scare. LEAD’s integrated system is user-friendly and easy to manage, allowing the owners to store records without any manual involvement. In addition, it allows centralised data management that improves turnaround time and efficiency of processes.

Technology in school has always been a luxury until, in March 2020, the narrative changed. LEAD has been able to address the gravest issue of the current times and is on a mission to transform learning for 25 million students in India by 2026. 

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