Industry 4.0 Why Being Too Lazy To Fail Is A Good Thing

industry 4.0
industry 4.0

Industry 4.0 Why Being ‘Too Lazy To Fail’ Is A Good Thing

Industry 4.0 Why Being ‘Too Lazy To Fail’ Is A Good Thing. Have you ever read Robert Heinlein’s The Tale of the Man Who Was Too Lazy to Fail? Without getting into detail, the basic premise is that our desire to avoid work forces us to think of easier, faster ways to get things done. Heck, we even call some of our best inventions “labor-saving”— throwing your dirty shirt in the washing machine sure beats taking it down to the river to scrub it with cold wet stones!

While it might be a bit of a stretch to suggest that the industrial revolutions that mark human progress are essentially born of our innate laziness, I kind of like the thinking.

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Industry 1.0: from the Wheel to Watt

Human ingenuity knows no bounds, so it’s kind of surprising that we were satisfied with the invention of the wheel for such a long time. While there were many pretty cool inventions along the way – indoor plumbing dates back to 3000 BC in the Indus valley – it was not until the mid-1700s that the Industrial Revolution really moved us, for better or worse, into the modern age. The new age is Industry 4.0 Why Being ‘Too Lazy To Fail’ Is A Good Thing

Industry 1.0 was marked by the increased mechanization of manual tasks and the invention of the commercial steam engine to power all that machinery, including the trains and ships that delivered both raw materials to producers and finished goods to market.

Industry 2.0: more, faster, better

And industry kept finding new ways to do more, faster. By the 1900s, Henry Ford was mass producing gasoline engines and the iconic Model T on an assembly line – marking the second the industrial revolution. We didn’t need to wait another 200 years for the third.

Industry 4.Now

Which brings me back to the lazy man. Industry 4.0 takes automation to the next level – IoT allows things to monitor and communicate with other things, AI uses machine learning to mitigate risk and predict demand, robotic process automation performs mundane repetitive tasks so that people don’t have to and all of these advances point to intelligent automation.

I hope you like this blog, Industry 4.0 Why Being ‘Too Lazy To Fail’ Is A Good Thing.  To learn more visit Hawkscode and Easyshiksha.

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