Lockdown turning you into a couch potato? Listen to these 3 gripping detective tales by Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai


India has waged a war against the deadly coronavirus pandemic, Lockdown which has compelled millions to stay indoors. While we are getting to spend more time with family and catching up on the streams, some of us are also getting bored within the boundaries. How does the idea of listening to a thriller-detective story sound? The strange kind of escapism that a dark mystery unravels is one of the best solutions to the trying times we are in. Arshad Warsi-starrer Asur or Kay Kay Menon’s Special Ops have been some of the best ongoing originals from the genre.

But people with the adrenaline rush aren’t always in the mood of sitting glued to the idiot box, at times they want to remain in solitude in one corner of their balcony and dive deep into the world of detectives and horror and paranormal. And there’s added fun when the story is in audio format instead of text. Kahanikaar Sudhanshu Rai, the creator of popular online character Detective Boomrah, is known for recitation of Hindi thriller and detective short stories. Here we present three of his best ‘Detective Boomrah’ creations, which every adrenaline junkie must listen to:

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# The Mystery of Dark House:

This is the story of a man who was forced to flee his village years ago due to unusual happenings in his surroundings, which originated from a ‘cursed Dark House’. Lockdown Now that he is back with a friend after years, nothing has changed – the house continues to haunt the villagers. But when the protagonist, Neel, loses his friend to the house, he calls in Detective Boomrah, who goes to the crux of the matter and unravels
the mystery of the dark house. Listen to the story:

# The Devil’s Game:

If the title of the story has provoked that thriller-seeker in you, the whole story is certainly the best possible treat for you. Lockdown The story revolves around a high-end casino that offers a “real-life” game full of risks, gains and losses. It is a gamble of life that the protagonists go through before reaching out to Detective Boomrah, who explores the secrets of the dice game of the mysterious casino owner. Listen to the story:

# And last, but certainly not the least, the latest offering by Kahaanikar Sudhanshu Rai – The Mysterious Mrs Mcbethy. The story is about an architect who is sent to Goa for an assignment. His search for abode takes him to the world of Mrs McBethy, which is full of mystery and shockers. Sujay takes a sigh of relief when Detective Boomrah enters the scene and rescues him from the situation. Listen to the story:

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