Learning Photography and other creative courses after Pandemic

Love Photography, but affordability and accessibility are a matter of concern


Love Photography, but affordability and accessibility are a matter of concern. There are several photography courses available on the EasyShiksha platform.

Pandemic has been hard for every one of us, but do you know what is even harder; to get up, to smile again, to find a purpose again. All this has deranged our mental health, much more presumably, than we know. This is affecting and shaking our will on a larger level.

If you frequently ask What must we do to recover?

Then surely, there is a need to get some solution, right now.

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Having Interests, Desires, Creativity, Innovation, willingness to start something new and fresh, the thumping of the heart at its loudest and everything, we wished we had, is now required to because of the monotony and dreary nature of life around us, get out of that stale position in particular. 

So, it’s better, if you have the luxury to start, think straight, and you can focus on productive thoughts. Feel the gratitude of this luxury, rather than opting out to the insufficiency, or life treating you the hard way, or because of losses you have had, if you are unemployed, if you are out of savings etc artefacts which did not get your way. 

Online Courses with Certification

Thinking is often required to take your mind off to the next level, whether you’re corporate personnel, marketing enthusiast or a normal person, student or whatsoever. Unfortunately, it’s all too easy to get stuck in a routine, and feel unaccomplished.

There are various options, to start, just to get that feel-good vibe. For instance, do the following

  • Read a book
  • Meet your loved ones
  • Spend time with a child
  • Watch something fantasizing, nature, movie, series or anything which interests you
  • Indulge in creativity, an art form
  • Allow your imagination to go wild when brainstorming, and do that often, for better creativity and productivity, then thinking on unnecessary topics
  • Clean up your space
  • Stay away from negativity
  • Distance yourself from Social Media
  • Cook something together with a family
  • Go for a vacation

All the above ways, have something or the other issues. Some require huge budgets, some require patience, some are banned by family or government, and some we all have tried, but are reaching nowhere like our schreen timing, that dreadful Zoom calls and meetings etc. 

Online Internship with Certification

Though we are doing this to avoid being distracted, to be in our rational minds and have true wellbeing. But in real life as ours, a creative individual gets creative and gets motivation from running errands, specifically on a horseback. Thus overthinking, with unnecessary stuff, is also required. Hence, it can be seen that the link between distractions and creativity is unique. 

To get off to a solution for the same, in current times, it’s better not to have very expensive hobbies. Hence to start with, let us get and know what all resources we have in particular, and how best to optimize them to get the results.

  • We can play with words
  • We can play with images, Photography, Editing, Curating
  • We can play with fitness and for fitness
  • Cooking tutorials
  • Digital Marketing 

All these above professions are easy to start and thus can be initiated at low costs. Let’s look in detail and learn at minimal costs, the best ways to learn. Here we will be talking about Photography in particular, because of World photography day, today.

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At the comfort of your home, if you can get distracted to learn something beautiful, creative and worthy of your skills, to hone them and cultivate them as an extra talent, to get distracted, with better outcomes then it will be a win-win for you. Why not just try this way?

Because, most probably, you have had your choices being tested in the alpha, beta variables, now is the time to change. Choose to learn at EasyShiksha with the best courses, fields and knowledge base for the same. 

Careers and employment opportunities after doing the course can be

  1. Wedding Photographers
  2. Product Display Photographers
  3. Can begin your handles, and videography channels
  4. Blogging and Vlogging Ventures

The opportunities can be to work full time, freelancing or other optional ways, which have been curated and developed after the many years of evolution, like working from home or any other way. To get inspiration and ideas, people are more readily distracted than their friends, paying attention to unimportant information instead of screening it away. 

Though this may appear to be a disadvantage, it means they are absorbing more knowledge, which means they have more resources to produce ideas and solutions. As a result, rather than merely considering the apparent answers, creative thinkers are more prone to investigate a number of options. And knowing things the hard way is even better than lamenting over something we have no control over. So Let’s use this in our favour. Develop the charm a photo gives you, to tell better stories, aesthetics and messages, with your creativity. 

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Some visual distractions, on the other hand, will just detract from your ability to think.

You may lose attention if your desk is messy or you have too much smartphone access. It’s better to indulge in productivity. Rather than imagining conversation and unnecessary things, do that to develop your skills. 

Get going you guys, start as early as possible; no need to wait further!

If you really have to be distracted, get into the visual distractions part, so you develop the colour palette, the focal point, the subjects, lens ratio and lighting angles knowledge in particular. However, some visual distractions will simply subtract from your ability to think, while in the field of photography, they can be used to observe and better understand things.

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