How For Spaced Repetition Can Make An Impact


The spacing effect is a brilliant way to retain information. It is also one of the best ways to learn. This is a way that works with the brain and not against it. Needless to say, learning is the most important meta-skill that you can have. It allows a person to adapt to anything that life throws their way and gives them the ability to change with the environment as required

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Even out of the life lessons that we embrace and what we learn in school, there are things that we want our brains to remember. Whether it is the last mathematical calculation that we handle or the periodic table and how the elements mesh together; we all want to learn and remember. This is where spaced repetition comes in.

What Is Spaced Repetition?

Also referred to as repetition spacing or expanded retrieval, spaced repetition is a technique that (an online learning portal that encourages learning by the use of flashcards, speaking, gaps, test exams, typing, and listening) uses time intervals between subsequent reviews of learned materials to explore psychological spacing effects.

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According to the Ennbinghaus research, if you have a question that you can only study three times, then your memory will be strongest if you maximize those three tries over a long time period. When it comes to memory reinforcement, timing plays a crucial role.

How for spaced repetition can make an impact

  • It will break up the cramming is all about using the best learning techniques in order to understand. As such, spaced repetition can make an impact as it will break up the cramming. As you will go over information in an hour or two, then the other day, and then every other day, weekly, monthly, yearly, then the information will become second nature.

  • It will give a sense of improvement and progression

We all want to feel like we are getting better at something that we initially thought that we could not muster. As for spaced repetition includes a built-in metric for tracking progress, this will make the learner feel more confident about their ability. A tracking system gives a much-needed sense of progression and improvement.

  • It will promote brain activity

According to research, spaced repetitions one of the most effective learning techniques because it does not overload the brain with information. As this mode of learning is in sync with the manner that the brain functions, it encourages the brain to retain information for long periods of time. Remember, the brain is not structured to store lots of information in a short time period, thus the “repetition” in spaced repetition. for spaced repetition is a perfect example of how our minds can work even more effectively when we employ the right techniques. It teaches us not to overwork our minds but instead, learn how to use the brain in an optimal way. All we need to do is pay attention and use what we have learned in the right way. This is how to learn effectively!

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