Minerva Schools at KGI co-Founder, Ben Nelson visits Hyderabad

Minerva Schools at KGI co-Founder

New Delhi, India, 15th February, 2017 – Minerva Schools at KGI co-founder Ben Nelson visited Hyderabad, India to strengthen the plans to setup its first establishment in the city. Ben talked about the role of technology in education and how can a whole city be made a classroom.

According to Ben, “Hyderabad is our first; we’re opening in January 2018. We offer undergraduate, masters and integrated programs to the students. The masters program is very hard to get into since there are 15 exclusive seats only. Maybe in the future we will be expanding it but you cannot apply for it, you have to know someone in the Minerva community so you will be nominated for a position in the university. The masters takes 20 months to complete and you do it part time, you actually do it remotely, from anywhere in the world.”

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He added, “I agree that it’s very hard to crack the entrance exam of Minerva. But one needs to see that we focus on the quality of education we provide which is best in class. We don’t favor the ranking system of universities which is prevailing in most of the countries of the world.”

Minerva students live in seven major cities – San Francisco, London, Berlin, Buenos Aires, Seoul, Hyderabad and Taipei – during their four years of study, developing the nuanced perspective and understanding needed in the modern global economy. At each of these locations, students participate in site-specific programs that push them to apply concepts learned in class to real-world scenarios. Minerva offers an innovative undergraduate program that combines four years of world travel with rigorous, interdisciplinary study. It prepares intellectually curious, motivated and driven students, for success in a dynamic global future.

Ben Nelson is Founder, Chairman, and CEO of Minerva, and a visionary with a passion to reinvent higher education. Prior to Minerva, Nelson spent more than 10 years at Snapfish, where he helped build the company from startup to the world’s largest personal publishing service.


Founded in 2012, the Minerva Schools at KGI was established to provide an extraordinary liberal arts and sciences education to top students around the world. It was founded by Silicon Valley entrepreneur, Ben Nelson and former Harvard University dean and renowned psychologist, Dr. Stephen M. Kosslyn and is supported by a faculty of more than 80 renowned educators from across the world. With headquarters in San Francisco, Minerva’s mission is to equip and empower graduates with the skills and experience for success in the 21st century.

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