More than 1 million lessons taken by kids on fun-learning platform Yellow Class every month

Yellow Class

National, December 1st, 2021: As the internet and education combine to provide people with the opportunity to gain new skills, Elevation Capital-backed Edtech platform, Yellow Class, announced that it has seen tremendous growth in adoption on the platform. Currently, more than a million lessons are taken by kids every single month on Yellow Class. The virality of the product is huge and numbers are expected to rise further in line with the 40% MoM growth currently being witnessed by the platform. The platform is betting on building a product & ecosystem that kids & parents love, rather than on large sales teams pushing “learning”. 

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Yellow Class serves a wide range of co-curricular and extra-curricular interactive classes & content like art, craft, dance, Yoga, logical reasoning, GK, Phonics, and many more such categories. Kids between 2-13 years are finding a safe and fun space through the app. More than 100k posts are received every month. These are the submissions kids do after taking lessons. The point to note is these are not mandatory submissions. Kids engage with other kids and an ecosystem of boosting and appreciating others is being promoted. Yellow Class is a platform that offers free classes to kids. They can explore all the classes they want to try their hands on. A few users take over 5 hrs of class in a single day!

Commenting on the development Anshul Gupta, Founder & CEO, said, Life is supposed to be fun, especially when you are young. The fundamental flaw with how most Edtech companies approach kids is they want to shove “learning” down kids’ throats, irrespective of whether they enjoy it or not. The ever-increasing Customer Acquisition Cost (CAC) is proof that this is failing. We focus on voluntary exploration, which is fun. Let kids explore, learning is a natural outcome of it. Exploration is the basis of any learning, without the monotony of regular formal learning. Yellow Class is a platform offering opportunities for the same. We did a campaign to Let Kids Be and we truly believe that. Instead of weighing them down with our expectations, maybe we should let them fly free. We need to stop making comparisons and creating unhealthy competition among kids. There are a lot of kids who can learn together.

Arpit Mittal, Founder, and CTO,  further added “Our results speak for themselves as to what happens when kids are allowed to explore. Today more than a million lessons are taken by kids every month at Yellow Class, more than all other “learning platforms” put together. And kids are attending them voluntarily. The platform is free, kids come again and again of their own accord without the need of and pressure from their parents. It’s wonderful to see how they have their own Yellow Class Wall in their rooms where they have curated all that they have enjoyed and learned with Yellow Class.

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As per multiple studies, kids currently spend 100 hrs per month on screen – primarily on YouTube. Yellow Class believes they can offer a more positive, safe & interactive alternative and win 25% of this digital time spent.

Furthermore, it had raised $6 million in a Series A funding round led by Elevation Capital and existing investors India Quotient, Titan Capital & First Cheque. They are also backed by Angels such as Vidit Aatrey, co-founder of Meesho, Alok Mittal of Indifi, and Dhruv Agarwala of PropTiger.

About Yellow Class:

Yellow Class was founded in June 2020 by Arpit Mittal and Anshul Gupta, serial entrepreneurs with over two decades of experience in building scalable consumer technology products. There are 40+ categories with 100+ programs like GK, Logical reasoning, Dancing, Singing, Magic, Sudoku, Creative writing, English sessions, and much more! 

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