Naseeruddin Shah Calls Virat Kohli ‘world’s worst behaved player’

virat kohli

But then there’s another great deal who disapprove of their’banter’, along with the screaming and shouting which is now synonymous. One of these people is December Naseeruddin Shah, that informed Kohli at a Facebook post on Monday, 17. Shah’s remark came after a conversation that took place on Sunday at the next Test match between both teams, between Virat Kohli and Tim Paine. In this article, Shah pointed out to Virat video in which he asked a fan, who said he enjoyed more than India gamers, to quit India. Whether Virat Kohli’s aggression on the field is a tad bit too much or not, is. Some justify it by asserting that it’s just his hunger to win this and competitiveness, while others shirk off it since he is among the best cricketers in the world.

“Virat K isn’t only the world’s greatest batsman but also the world’s worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside his arrogance and bad manners,” wrote Shah.

India captain Kohli was together with Australia captain Tim Paine at the continuing Test at Perth in a dual of words. The two skippers’ verbal duel had compelled umpire Chris Gaffaney to frighten both the players. In a Facebook post, Naseeruddin Shah called the worst behaved player although Virat Kohli, the batsman. “Virat K isn’t only the world’s best batsman but also the world’s worst behaved player. His cricketing brilliance pales beside bad manners and his arrogance. And I have no intention of leaving the nation incidentally,” Shah composed on his Facebook account.

“And I have no intention of leaving the country by the way,” he added, referring to the controversial comment made by Virat, telling a fan to leave India if he didn’t like its own players.


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