Nexa Music Season 2 launches their second song “I can’t do this anymore”


Uday Benegal collaborates with Nisa Shetty – Winner of Nexa Season 1 for the second song, composed by Mickey McCleary.

21st Sept,22: The second season of NEXA Music, spearheaded by global icon AR Rahman has been in motion as Maruti Suzuki India Limited follows the tremendous success of Season 1. Recently Nexa Music Season released their first song “Rollercoaster” composed by the renowned music composer Mickey McCleary along with the super winners of Season 1.


Taking the anticipation one step further, Nexa Music Season 2 is presenting their first headliner song of the season making it the second release, “I can’t do this anymore” with the legendary musician Uday Benegal along with the super winner of Nexa Music Season 1 – Nisa Shetty composed by world-renowned music composer Micky McCleary.

In the song “I can’t do this anymore,” a couple looks back on their earlier years of love and decides to move on to their separate lives while recalling all the foolish things they did together. However, when the relationship must end, no one feels regret; instead, they are happy for the other person. The song discusses the inability to keep a commitment and serves as a reminder that nothing in life is permanent. The song, written by the enigmatic Mickey McCleary, features the dynamic singer Uday Benegal in collaboration with Nisa Shetty, the super winner of the previous season, we never let our family miss an opportunity to perform at any given stage.

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Maruti Suzuki’s NEXA Music, a platform that is international, cutting-edge, and full of fresh experiences, is acing the music industry. It raises the winners of the previous season each year while running the talent to bring new singers for the next Season. NEXA Music is an Indie Original English Music Property that celebrates Original English Music Artists in the country. The property has been designed as a platform for young, upcoming artists to showcase their music on a larger scale. Nexa Music is a platform that is international, cutting-edge, and full of fresh experiences, is acing the music industry. The Season 2 has been a massive celebration, as the hunt for this season’s winners received a whopping 2554 entries out of which, 24 talents will be shortlisted and mentored by AR Rahman. Furthermore, 4 amazing voices will be named as super winners of NEXA Music Season 2. Top musicians from the English music scene, such as A.R. Rahman, Uday Benegal, and others, take the Nexa Music initiative to create new music and to give space to all the upcoming artists.

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