Online Coding Courses for kids: How to select the right course

Principal Rajni Bakshi

Online Coding classes for kids are no more on extra academic activity. It is rather a necessity to move a step ahead towards a digital future. It is very important for the kids to learn coding at a very young age so that they can prepare themselves for what the future holds for them. Online Coding is like any other language that we speak and understand. It is the language of the computer. According to Mark Surman, “Everyone needs to know how our digital world works not just engineers”.

We all know how to fix a light bulb but that doesn’t mean that we are electricians. Similarly to know to code or in other words to understand the language of the computer, we need not be engineers. Kids’ coding courses are increasingly becoming popular. Programming is now an essential part of education for kids to develop STEM skills. Online Coding is a foundational tool for student success in the 21 st century. With a variety of courses available for your kids, it has become a challenge to find the right coding class for the kids. Let’s go through some of the major considerations while selecting the best coding class for your child.

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1) Value: Price is an important aspect to decide on the course. There are a variety of courses available in the market ranging from free to paid ones. Choose a course based on your budget and the interest of your child. If your child wants to ‘try it out’ then go for the free or low-cost course and once interest grows you can invest in paid courses.

2) Access: Coding is a skill where the child needs continuous practice. So, it is important that they have the access to the platform where they can practice these skills not only during the allotted timing but also at all times. Ensure that coding platforms give them ample hands-on practice activity.

3) Age-appropriate: A child will learn better if there is a well-structured program in an age-appropriate format. Block-based coding programs are good for elementary kids whereas text-based coding programs are for older kids.

4) Child’s interest: Before going ahead and choosing a coding program, talk with the child about their interests like whether they are interested in game coding or web development. Based upon that a coding program can be chosen for them.

5) Teacher-student ratio: Keep this criterion in mind before finalizing a coding for your child. More students under one teacher will result in a lack of attention given by the teacher.

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6) Experienced Educators: Make sure to choose a course where teachers are having classroom experience. Your child must have the support of a teacher who is experienced, knowledgeable and enthusiastic which is necessary for a positive student experience.

7) Review: The researchers say, that people now trust online reviews. People leave lot many reviews on the online platform. Before finalizing a course or organization, it is better to check online reviews and ratings. This can give insight on what went well and what didn’t go well with other customers. 4 to 5-star rating program will be ideal. To find the right coding course for your child can be challenging but confusing but you can certainly find the best coding program for your child after evaluating all these aspects. Choosing a quality coding program can provide surprising results and can make your child’s coding journey enjoyable.

(Author Dr. Rajni Bakshi, Principal, Orchids The International School, Sarjapur)

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