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The world wide web has changed the world of education forever. Now student do not have to be in the classroom to attend the lecture of a college or university.
Most people see online education as something with the classroom environment with a teacher up front with a chalkboard and the students sitting in rows to listen to lectures and jot down notes.

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This style of learning was formed over centuries of trial and refinement, from the Ancient Greeks to the Industrial Revolution and all the way to modern times.

It’s now facing another sea change with the advent of online technology and the new ways that people can learn in the 21st century classroom.

More college are noticing this trend now and trying to adopt online education in their system to keep up with the trend.

What is the Online Education Industry?

The industry includes institutions that deliver online education to students. To be considered an online provider, over 80% of the course or unit content offered has to be delivered online. For example, students could be located off-campus for the duration of their enrolment and successfully complete a unit of study. Online education includes study at all levels of education.

The question is what kind of change will online college courses provoke in the paradigms of students, professors, and educational institutions in the coming years?

Some of the most popular courses in the online education system are certificate 3 in child care course, aged care course, commercial cookery and some other vocational courses.

What sort of factors are creating this rise ?

students can either study online or in campus.

Financial Support

There is a variety of financial support available for students in some of these vocational courses. Vet fee help, certificate 3 guarantee are some of these programs made to help students.

This shift in the paradigm and the overall change in the way of learning makes perfect sense at a time when a myriad of under-30s hardly engage with print media, preferring to access their information online or through other digital channels such as mobiles or iPads.

Industry Analysis & Industry Trends

IBISWorld’s Online Education market research suggests that the online Education industry has grown rapidly. Better technological today and hi speed internet have made it possible. As per the report, online education has been on the rise in the past five years. And now colleges and other businesses are adopting this trend.

The recent recession left many unemployed over the past five years. Increase in this unemployment has forced people who were out of work to go for some additional qualifications which cost less, and offer more flexibility to protect themselves from redundancy. Online education became the top choice for those out of work.

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