Orchids: The International School introduces “No Book Day”


Orchids: The International School: APRIL 2022– The leading K12 school chain has always been on the news for pioneering new teaching techniques for its students’ well-rounded development. In order to continue that legacy, OIS has introduced ‘NO BOOK’ day once every week from Grade I to VIII. Every Wednesdays student will be allowed to explore their favorite subjects through various activities. Details are as follows.

· Languages – English / Hindi / Marathi / French – honing their communication skills through activities such as elocution, drama, conversation, skits, debate, declamation, group discussion, recitation, explanation of the lesson by the students, etc.

· Maths & Science – PBL (project-based learning) – projects and experiments to be done in groups followed by worksheets / Viva to assess individual learning outcomes, worksheets to reinforce concepts, reinforcement of the lessons through interesting methods.

· EVS / Social Science – Experiments, role play, skit, map work based on the topics covered

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Students will be encouraged to perform different forms of activities (as mentioned above) related to the current subject-related topic being taught. A regular timetable will be followed and during the subject periods, any of the above-mentioned tools will be used to facilitate learning. These tools will cater to the concept of audio-visual and kinesthetic learning.

Commenting on this initiative Dr. Kavita Nagpal, Principal Orchids The International School, Masjid Bunder, said, “We are trying to break the monotony of classroom learning through these initiatives. During the lockdown, students have been confined to four walls and gadget screens were their only window through which they saw the drastic change in their world as they knew it. This has undoubtedly affected their tender psyche and going back to the pre-covid normalcy is not easier for them. Hence, this is our small effort to encourage them to open up and push them to learn by doing”

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