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New Delhi, 25th September 2018:– The game of poker is slowly finding acceptance in the country as a game of skill rather than a game of chance. The reason for its growing acceptance comes from the fact that a lot of sports-loving fans are realizing that the game isn’t just about luck. It is much more than luck.  It is a specialty that involves skills and mastery over various techniques and needs an air-tight strategy. By playing regularly, a player not only gets an insight on the thoughts of the opponent, but also gets to know himself better. Poker can play online and offline both. With the emergence of online poker platforms like PokerStars.IN, Indian poker enthusiasts have found a way to indulge in an action-packed game. The platform not only helps amateurs learn from the poker pros but also manages the entire experience, helping players easily monetize their poker skills.

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” Poker is very easy game. It demands consistent amount of practice, regular study and investing a lot of time. Having the right balanced environment to grow as a poker player is important. One can take help from poker coaches, study group, mind coach and fitness trainers to stay in sync. It’s hard to follow a strict disciplined lifestyle. It’s a mind sport. A calm mind with a clear thought process is most important for making optimum decisions at the table along with a good stamina to stay focused for long hours. Even after doing everything by the book we can face issues with downswings, in the case of which we need to have a lot of patience and make sure we practice from our arsenal to beat the variance! A successful poker player needs to have a good mathematical background. It is not important that you need to know cards. ” said Muskan Sethi, India’s first female professional poker player and brand ambassador in PokerStars India,  who was awarded ‘Women’s Achievement Award‘ by the Ministry of Women & Child Development in India. She is a manager for Delhi Diehards team too. 

About this game poker player and manager of Kolkata Creators Aditya  Agarwal said-“Poker is a mind game played both online and offline. It is very clearly a game of skill.In a game of poker, there are in all 52 cards from which 1000 virtual combinations can be made. The beauty of the game is in the involvement of mind in it. One needs to gauge the card of the opponentbasis his/her body language, applying all permutations and combinations and certain calculations. In any business, a person needs an acumen to lay out the right strategy and calculate risks at an early stage. The same applies for the game of poker. One can bet a miniscule amount and can win cash without any limit.”

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Ankur Dewani, CEO of Sachiko Gaming Pvt. Ltd., the company that holds the rights to use the PokerStars brand name in India said, “GPL(Global Poker League ) India is the world’s leading poker league format. India is home to a growing number of poker aficionados and experts and it is our endeavour to present them with the right platform to help promote their skills and take it to a global level. The poker industry in India offers unparalleled experiences to the players who visit to be a part of GPL India.”

About PokerStar India

PokerStars India is an online poker gaming platform operated by Sachiko Gaming Pvt. Ltd. Launched in India in April 2018, the platform is available on both desktop and mobile to most of the adult Indian population allowing established and new poker players to compete against one another online. PokerStars presents several opportunities to players as they draw on their many years of experience and understand the needs of poker players who are just starting out recreationally or professionally. PokerStars.IN not only promotes responsible gaming, but also offers a variety of tournaments including free to enter games for those who want to build a bankroll from scratch. There are free to play games every day on PokerStars.IN like Depositor Freeroll, Weekly Stars Rewards Freeroll. The GPL series was one such opportunity for players to play for free.

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