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By Pankaj Kumar Singh, MD, Cambridge Montessori Preschools and Daycare private limited digital world

Novel learning techniques 
While traditional learning means and techniques are still celebrated, the change in demand has give rise to technological tools and techniques that are often termed as ‘Smart Learning Tools’. They are novel learning techniques that develop overall persona of kids as they involve, digital world develop and evolve the learning capacity and dynamics of kids and teachers both.

Advanced teaching and learning experience
This teaching medium provides dynamic content update that helps teachers update their skills and knowledge as per the need of the hour and convey the same to the students. At the same time, this motivates students to develop interest in the subject and develop a healthy discussion filled with logical reasoning and cross questioning amongst peer and also with teachers.

Online Internship with Certification

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

Online Resources
While books are now considered as limited resource of information, digital world online is an ocean that has solution and information for everyone and of every sort. All you need to do is, click a button. It offers a plethora of information that is fit for every age group. In case of kids, this calls for extra scrutiny by parents and teachers both.

Filling in the gaps
One of the loopholes of Indian education system is lack of communication between kids, parents and teachers. These tools not only strengthen the communication, but also fill the gap between all the three pillars that are equally responsible for the country.

Easy Maintenance
Basically, smart learning tools are electronic and calls for yearly maintenance, for which you can easily call service centre and get it fixed.

Highly Effective
Use of visual learning elements like graphs, images, digital world charts, presentations, etc., that are not easily conveyed by the classroom notes or text, can be used effectively used via smart learning tools and are capable of retaining more information.

Simplify Teaching
If experts are to be believed, the best part of smart learning is, its power to simplify teaching process. Use of tools and techniques makes it easier for kids and teachers both to communication and understand the subject. From kids perspective use of bright colours and pictorial digital world representation of every fact and figure makes it easy for them to remember in the long run.
Motivates Students
The smart learning tools helps develop a student’s interest in a subject, which further helps build visualizations power develop interest and motivate them to learn more.

Parent-Teacher Communication
For constant growth of a child, it is important that parents and teachers communicate on a regular basis. In this process, cell phone can be used as an effective tool to talk and discuss the child’s growth. Also, different smart apps can be used to regularly analyze kid’s growth rate.

Cambridge Montessori Preschools and  Daycare pvtltd

Cambridge Montessori Pre School is poised to create a learning environment for tiny tots which is based on internationally renowned Montessori philosophy propounded by Dr. Maria Montessori. Cambridge Montessori offers one of the most profitable preschool franchises in India, growing its chains all over India. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare is obligated to ensure an environment of love, compassion and harmony developing critical thinking and making the child independent. This process is very well calibrated by sincerely involving international Montessori experts, well trained trainers and teachers as well as parents by a way of engagement in the overall development of children.

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Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare is dedicated to give best possible start to the kids’ school life. Become a part of establishing Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare franchise in India. Join hands today and help us make preschool and daycare reachable to more children. Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Daycare has developed an affordable model of preschool franchise in India on international level, requiring low investment for the establishment and functioning of the preschool franchise in India without compromising on the high quality learning for kids.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Cambridge Montessori Pre School creates a healthy & happy environment for children to learn, explore and grow in a warm & caring atmosphere and develop to the full potential with confidence in the company of supportive teachers.

  • We Focus on establishing a strong foundation in reading, composition and mathematical skills
  • Encourage individual creative skills to help kids become independent learners at the age of 3 12 years
  • Provide cognitive approach to enhance their motor skills, sensory development, hand-eye coordination and adaptation to the environment

Montessori Environment

The environment of our schools provides stimulating learning experiences that respond to the individual’s unique characteristics and learning styles to reach their full potential.

Health & Hygiene

Cambridge Montessori Pre School follows strict hygiene standards. Our schools maintain high level of cleanliness. Every center follows standard protocols to ensure the cleanliness of the place and objects.

Different Approach

In our unique approach the children are encouraged to learn by touching, feeling and doing things. They gain a very concrete understanding of the materials which inculcates ownership and leadership.

Safety & Security

Keeping in mind the tender age of our tiny tots, child safety & security is an upmost priority for us. Our services include well managed 24hrs CCTV access, live GPS tracking, RFID installation and tight security.

Nurturing & Caring Environment

Our students get benefits from our learning environment, intrinsically interesting materials and age-appropriate development activities which enhance their creativity, thinking skills and language abilities.

Well Qualified Teachers

Our teachers are well qualified and equipped with regular training, workshops and assessments which make them efficient in handling grim situations and spruce up to provide required acumen and resources.

Pankaj Kumar Singh, MD, Cambridge Montessori Pre School

Pankaj Kumar Singh is a young and enterprising social entrepreneur and angel investor. Having more than 24 years of experience in corporate and academia, Mr. Pankaj has contributed immensely in entire sphere of management. An MBA from Birla Institute of Management Technology and graduate from Patna University, Mr. Pankaj has worked with many companies of repute in senior management role in India & Abroad before plunging into entrepreneurship. He has founded and invested in many companies. While working as full time professional, he has been associated with EMPI Business School Delhi, ITM Group of Institution Mumbai, Shalina Healthcare Mumbai, Chemaf SPRL London and Africa, Waves Group (DAMAC) Dubai and G D GOENKA Group Delhi.

He has been associated with reputed institutions like; Member – Core Committee of UN GCNI SDG, Founder Member – IPRS (Indian Placement Reporting Standards) at IIM- Ahmadabad, Member – Advisory Committee, NHRDN (National HRD Network), Ex. Co – Chairperson- MAST Committee, AIMA, New Delhi, Ex. member of HR Core Committee, AIMA .

As a passionate academician and entrepreneur, he is committed to bring new age education system across India and spreading globally. Under the Jalsa Ventures private limited, an international standard preschool brand, Cambridge Montessori Pre School and Day Care has been launched on franchise and coco model. Within a short period of appx. 2 year, Cambridge Montessori School has signed up more than 250 schools, which is a remarkable achievement. Cambridge Montessori Pre School aspires to have more than 1000 schools by 2022.

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