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About EasyShiksha

Simple Learning EasyShiksha is an endeavour and a vision by the team of HawksCode. The company aims to revolutionize the education sector, by working on the basic infrastructure and by developing smart skills to guide, help & improvise the knowledge base of the country as well as the world.

Easyshiksha helps in maintaining the top-notch intelligence quotient and e-learning base to everyone, with just a click. This ed-tech company started in 2012 as a life hack to Students, Faculty Members, Educational & Digital Training Institutes, Universities, Online Distance Learning Schools, Coachings and parents and all other stakeholders. 

The educational company provides a one-stop solution and sure-shot decision enhancing skills with an easy & user-friendly interface. Also with the best courses in different fields and sectors, certification for every course or programs are offered to the learners. These certificates and acknowledgements are valid and accepted across all industries and institutions. 

Online Internship with Certification

Important Announcement – EasyShiksha has now started Online Internship Program “Ab India Sikhega Ghar Se

How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

The company is a Jaipur based startup and is growing in all locations across the globe. The parent company for EasyShiksha is Hawkscode Software Pvt Ltd.

Awards and Recognition EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha has been accredited by many prestigious, immensely valued and recognised authorities of the country. Some of them are as follows: 

  • Top-25 Start-Ups in Rajasthan Digifest 2017 by the honourable Chief Minister, Smt. Vasundhara Raje. 
  • Featured in “Top 20 EdTech Startup – 2018 in India
  • India’s 10 Best online Education providers, 2019
  •  “Global Educational Influencers 2020″.  

How Covid-19 or the unprecedented pandemic affected EasyShiksha?  

Amidst all the strange and challenging days, or probably more than a year has affected the family, life, health, morale, work, education and almost everything. Everything appears and has been a disappointment at large, with only human solidarity and humanity being the good point. Education and knowledge have thus ruled in these times with medical, administrative, nursing and sanitation work at large. Research and development, which is an extended part and an application of learning and knowledge have increased in importance and significance. Family life and relationships are greatly at stake in these years with overwhelming stress and distress within our families.

All modern ways of communication and any interchange of information is based on technology from smallest to the largest. EasyShiksha has got the year 2020 and 2021 as the blessing in disguise or in the most dishonouring times of life.

Since to make this time count, the deviation technique and trying to focus more on productive things may help. Hence EasyShiksha is offering such productivity with numerous and varied courses, just a tap away. 

About the CEO and making of EasyShiksha

Sunil Sharma is a Chief Executive Officer of EasyShiksha, the budding ed-tech platform of the country. The deep understanding and profound technical and determining qualities of the founder involving picking up the phone to closing a deal, or building up everything from scratch has made EasyShiksha what it is currently. The funnel digital acquisition, to build amazing products down the line as per the needs of society and the difficult times have given huge power of emergence to the online education portal, in every regard.

Sunil Sharma is a “tech-pundit” driven by social change. A very creative and innovative professional, who is the driving force behind many Indian and international startups and platforms such as HawksCode, EasyShiksha, Navhoo (a ride-sharing platform in the UK), AQT Australia, Amstore Innovation UK & Grasshopper Australia, Maccabiah Israel, Customize & Podify Israel, Make My Styles to name a few.  The feather to his hat also involves the US government for a pioneering online education platform.

From a passionate leader with first-class communication skills to a long track record of successful management, Mr Sharma is an inspiring and motivational leader to develop and support the vision of the company. EasyShiksha is one such endeavour that began with a vision to make education better and easy for everyone. The CEO himself comes from a rural background, and thus this endeavour becomes more of a requirement than a business model. Hence the educational platform aims to make Shiksha (education) easy for educators and Edu-seekers alike. 

After quitting a US-based MNC job in 2012, EasyShikha was founded then and thereafter. Based out of Jaipur, the main aim is to communicate relevant courses, updates and courses to the students and potential learners from a village. Hence serving a standardised pool of opportunities for everyone equally.

Innovation and the journey of EasyShiksha(the ed-tech platform)

Initially, EasyShiksha was envisaged to be a simple website that provided user details about thousands of colleges across India. Slowly, the web portal evolved to provide students and parents with all the necessary tools required to help in making an informed choice about education and the jobs and career prospects thereafter.

Over 8 years the website has come to host and have undertaken various changes in the field of education. The model of EasyShiksha is segregated amongst various sections like the Career Helper, which helps students know their career choices. The programme helps them discover their strength, interest, and talent, thereby providing them information on varied occupations. The career helper programme is based on four tests – IQ test, Basic Test, Advance Test and Psychometric test. 

The other services in the model are integrated online courses & Internship programs with certification, Enterprise Plans for Colleges, Universities & Institutions to list their courses, jobs, and news & avail additional services, event invites etc.

Effect of the pandemic on the ed-tech firm

In wake of the COVID-19 pandemic in March 2020, EasyShiksha stood by the Government announcement for complete lockdown with exception of essential services. Online Education is an easy industry to adopt to work from the policy during such intense critical situations. The Health and Safety of employees and their families is of paramount importance for the company and hence the working force started the work from home sessions as the announcement of lockdown was made by the Government of India. Apart from a few challenges at the start, the collective efforts of helping each other and working as a team have made strong and solid bonds among the employees. 

Learnings from the Journey

Due to financial constraints, lack of information and guidance about the new-age education fields, the myth of believing that children remain orthodox in their thoughts and way of living, the Ed-tech portal was commenced. Failing to get proper education and an authentic skillset, by the students of far fetched villages, the CEO of EasyShiksha was determined and motivated to work in this direction and evolve the mechanism of the education sector to provide a level playing field to all children, by providing them with information and mentoring them on the varied opportunities available as per global and market trends. 

After reaching a successful point in the career, the CEO felt something still missing in Life and thus he decided to quit the US-based MNC job in 2012 and start in the direction of one’s calling. Thus EasyShikha was founded. According to the CEO, all difficult choices or decisions gives one an elevated opportunity in achieving something big in Life. 

Unique features of EasyShiksha

In the Pre Covid times it was perceived that online Education was imposed although it was replacing supplementary education (home tuitions) to some extent. During Covid, all the features and attributes, including the education industry turned to technology for connections and delivering education online.

E-learning is already huge and is looking to completely revolutionise the educational sector of India. Online learning platforms cannot completely replace a college degree since they would not provide a student with all the skills that one can develop in a real-time environment. With the current COVID19 pandemic almost every student, school, college, the university is switching to e-Learning platforms for online education and skill-based courses.

EasyShiksha provides students, staff & parents with a place to find support and help. As all are striving for the best e-learning foundations for the students, EasyShiksha has the resources to make this happen. The platform is built not only on someone’s exceptional skills but rather on collaboration and teamwork between all stakeholders.

EasyShiksha unites students, staff and parents from all corners of the earth to find resources, advice and support as one strives for quality education. 

Aims and future of EasyShiksha

EasyShiksha may look like a Start-up but is a lot like education itself. As one’s education does not end after a degree, so is the scenario with EasyShiksha. The portal not only helps in getting an education in the field of interest by offering online courses with certification but also guides and mentors in decisions and impacting the choices of one’s career, based on adaptability, ability and performance. 

With digitisation, students today go online to access information related to their college education and for study materials to prepare for competitive exams to gain insight and real-time information about educational institutions. Through EasyShiksha, users can explore thousands of institutes with their courses, faculty, facilities, and placement details and can choose the right institution for higher education. The website of this ed-tech platform also provides colleges and universities to advertise their courses. Further, many institutes also publish their press releases on the website, providing regular updates on school registration, scholarships availability, exam results, jobs and vacancies., and most importantly the deadlines and important dates.

Every student has the right to get a quality education. As eLearning professionals, consider a wide variety of eLearning challenges such as lengthy to-do lists, hectic work schedules, and several other distractions, before designing and maintaining the eLearning courses for a wide array of audiences.

Sometimes a learner is not able to see the value or benefit of the eLearning course, and especially how the subject matter is going to help him/her in the real world. For learners to become truly engaged in the overall eLearning process, they must be aware of how the content is going to translate in real-world settings and the practicality of the course.


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