Skill-Lync announces an exclusive course on embedded software validation with support from Liverpool Data Research Associates Ltd.

Skill Lync

The course will combine Skill-Lync pioneering EdTech services with LDRA’s leading technology in embedded software verification and validation

National, March 3, 2022: Skill-Lync, India’s leading engineering EdTech start-up, with support from Liverpool Data Research Associates Ltd. (LDRA) – a leading technology company providing certified software quality tools and expertise, has launched an online training course to address the skill gap in developing connected software-defined embedded systems for automotive, medical and avionics applications.

Online Internship with Certification

This course will help final year engineering students and young professionals develop a strong foundation on software testing practices for developing safe, bug-free standards-compliant software for embedded systems as followed in the industry. The partnership will allow Skill-Lync students to access LDRA tools and gain hands-on expertise on industry-standard processes and tools for the validation and testing of critical embedded system software.

Commenting on the partnership, Mr. SuryaNarayanan PaneerSelvam, Co-Founder of Skill-Lync, said

“At Skill-Lync we aim to offer relevant and advanced engineering courses in partnership with leading industry experts. Embedded software systems have seen a significant upsurge in adoption, attributed to an increase in automation and digital transformation of industrial applications. In partnership with LDRA, we aim to augment this increase in demand with an upskilled talent pool of software engineers that have deep expertise in embedded software systems.”

Speaking on the launch, Dr. Amod Anandkumar, Director of Curriculum and Applications, Skill-Lync said, “We are very pleased to partner with LDRA to develop and launch this course on embedded software verification and validation. This course will significantly increase the job-readiness of students and help address the massive talent shortfall for skilled embedded software engineers in the industry.”

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Building next-generation embedded systems that include a wide range of industries and applications, like AI-ML, autonomous and electric vehicles, co-bots, medical devices, etc., needs skilled engineering professionals. The industry currently faces a massive shortage of trained professionals who know about industry standards, follow best practices, and have expertise in different tools and solutions that ensure security, safety, and quality.

Shinto Joseph, Director – Southeast Asia Operations, LDRA, said, “At LDRA, we have always considered overall ecosystem building as an enabler for better opportunities and innovations. We believe that this initiative will be an enabler to address the critical skill gap that the whole embedded software industry is witnessing. And we also aim to encourage aspiring engineering professionals to understand the excellent career scope and opportunities in embedded software verification and validation

About Skill-Lync

Skill-Lync was launched in April 2015 by Suryanarayanan P and Sarangarajan V to address the lack of quality and application-based learning in the Indian undergraduate engineering education system. It is currently focused on providing students with two different models, available both online and offline:

  • 8–12-month Master courses focused on providing in-depth industry-relevant technical knowledge to students along with a strong portfolio of projects that are aimed to help them get relevant jobs
  • 6-Month programs at physical Skill-Centres, where the students are provided with access to hands-on practical experience and are equipped with industry-relevant skills from the experts

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