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Software Test Online Courses | There are some many new softwares and application are launching in market which make your life more easy. But Do you known How all these software are created and tested. How their functionality will be checked. Today, In this article we are going to explain all these thinks to you.

Do you ever hear about Software Testing? If yes, learn more about software testing from this article. Software Testing is an activity to check either you software Is working properly or not. Is their any default in it or not. Software test will take place to ensure working of software is default free.

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Software Test Online Courses will help you in identifying errors,gaps,defaults, etc. and It will also help you identifying new requirements and other need of software.Software Testing will take place manually and by other softwares. Some prefer saying software testing as a White Box & Black Box Testing.

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Why Software Testing is necessary?

If the software may not work properly, it leads to high losses. Some of the future experiences examples which leads to high human losses and wealth loss.

In April 2015, Bloomberg terminal in Lodon crashed due to default in Software. In this incident more than 300,000 traders affected on financial markets on the other hand Nissan cars have to recall over 1 million cars from the market due to software failure in the aribag sensory dectectors. Two accidents has been reported due to this software failure. There are so many other cases are registered of software defaults. For ignoring these type of losses Software testing is one of the most important requirement of software development industry.

There are three types of Software Testing will take place

Functional Testing
Non-Functional Testing
Maintenance (Regression & Maintenance)

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