Study Abroad: Challenges and Opportunities for Indian Students


Authored by Mamta Shekhawat, Founder,

Everyone wants to enter the universities as exhibited in various web series and films with all the amenities. Yes, it is the dream of almost every student. As the founder of Gradding, a study abroad platform, I know it is very enticing, but there are many disguised challenges. Besides the difficulties ample opportunities are available as the treasure. Let us discuss both in detail.

1.  Hurdles to Dodge for Studying Abroad

When you want to do something positive for yourself and your career, there will be hurdles poking your path of success. Here are some of the challenges that a study abroad aspirant must know and be aware of them, to ease their path.

Ø   Linguistic Barrier

A linguistic barrier simply means that the aspirant is unable to understand the message conveyed by the local people. Even if they are going to an English-speaking country, the accent, pronunciation and diction differ leading to few linguistic blockades. This is why the language proficiency exam like IELTS, PTE, TOEFL or DET is mandatory. It lets the student get used to the foreign language and various accents.

Ø   Cultural Adaptation

Indian students face problems in immersing themselves in the new culture as their nation appreciates various cultures. There are several instances where they face cultural shock. For example, there might be several things that would be accepted in India and not in the host country or vice versa leading to the situation of cultural shock.

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Ø   Financial Challenges

The dream and process of studying abroad is expensive, but the students make it affordable by securing scholarships and loans. However, even after seeking grants, a few hidden things come out, leading to difficult times. These include medical emergencies, urgent travels and many more disguised expenses. Therefore, the scholars opt for part-time jobs to maintain the equilibrium.

Ø   Emotional Difficulties

As already mentioned, the study abroad dream is enticing, but you have to leave everything behind. You have to leave your family and friends and indulge in a new world with different people. This leads to self-isolation, where you sometimes feel homesick, alone and want to give up on everything.

2.  Study Abroad: Lucrative Career Opportunity

The opportunity to study in a different nation is very tempting. As we know, every coin has two sides, and so does it. The dream of studying abroad is like a roller coaster ride, where you have ups and downs, but towards the end, it will be worth it. The opportunities that an aspirant gets by pursuing higher education in a foreign land are excellent and worth all the struggle. Let us know how:

Ø   Top-notch Education

The foreign institutes that welcome international students offer top-notch quality of education. This leads to better job opportunities. Moreover, it broadens their success path.

Ø   Global Exposure 

The international students get a chance to work while they study. This helps them to a global exposure by preparing them in advance for the place that they will enter soon.

Ø   Upgraded Resume

The students who have enrolled for international studies have upgraded their resumes as soon as they enter college. They become independent and manages everything which becomes a boon to them.

Ø   Worldwide Job Opportunities

Once you have an international degree, you don’t have to worry about the job opportunities. Many employers will open their doors for you and your skill set, leading to increased chances of opportunities across the globe.

If you want to go abroad for higher education, don’t just look at the challenges, but also the opportunities. Consider each aspect before concluding. Wishing you luck!

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