Taekwondo (Korean Martial Art) shouts to be heard in Indian Schools -8 schools, 716 students


30th September 2021, New Delhi: Korean Cultural Centre India (KCCI) is conducting Taekwondo (Korean Martial Art) classes in eight Indian schools wherein 716 students will be participating. The aim is to improve physical fitness and add discipline and self-confidence to student’s life after a long break due to pandemic.

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According to the Delhi government’s policy schools are slowly re-opening offline classes. KCCI too has gradually started conducting Taekwondo classes where instructors of KCCI’s are visiting the schools.

“Taekwondo will improve the overall health of our students, which will greatly help them not only physically but mentally as well” said Jyoti Arora, principal of Mount Abu Public School. Expressing expectations for classes, she also said “Like food, culture and music, these Taekwondo classes can be seen as a potential to enhance an understanding for interculturalism among the young learners and help them to be global citizens in its true essence.”

The Director of Korean Cultural Centre India, Mr. Hwang Il-yong said, “The classes were planned to provide an opportunity for mental and physical training to Indian school students who have returned to offline classes due to the stabilization of the corona virus. We are happy that our team of instructors is composed of the members of KCCI’s demonstration team who will teach the students in their respective schools. I hope that these Taekwondo classes can become a medium for the students to learn more about Korea”

The classes will be running at Delhi World Public School, Dadri, Vidya Bharati School, Rohini, Modern Public School, Green Valley Academy, Noida, Mount Abu Public School, DAV Public School, Faridabad, The Manthan School, Greater Noida and Ganga International School.

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Taekwondo, a Korean martial arts sport, began to spread in the 1960s and became the national martial art of Korea in the 1970s. In 1973, the first World Championship was held in Seoul and Taekwondo instructors were dispatched around the world to spread it to many countries. As a result of these efforts, Taekwondo spread around the world, reaching more than 200 member countries of the World Taekwondo Federation, and it was finally designated as an official medal sport at the 2000 Sydney Olympics.

Taekwondo is an exercise that uses all parts of the body and helps in a balanced physical development. It not only improves physical strength, but positively impacts the personality of the learner. This is because, through these Taekwondo lessons, the learner will be able to get disciplined and learn proper etiquette.

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