Teaching Tips for the New Age Teacher


The growing prominence of digital education has resulted in a gradual shift in teaching
techniques over the past few years. Thanks to virtual classrooms, teaching is now a
multidimensional skill that requires learning, practice and engaging students with rich
educational content.
How do teachers transition smoothly to the digital teaching revolution? Here are some easy-to-
implement tips for teachers in the changing times.

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Continue to Learn
Being a curious learner is the first step towards being a good teacher. Teachers should
continue their upskilling journey to catch pace with the changing dynamics. They can consider
enrolling for short-term courses to specialize in different and evolving aspects of teaching.
There’s an abundance of short-term courses to learn new-age teaching techniques. Easy on the
pocket, these courses help them upskill with ease. Some of the certification courses offered by
teaching platforms like SuperTeacher Academy are focused on:
● Planning for excellent learning
● Engaging classes digitally
● Presentations using PPTs
Such certification courses help teachers use digital tools to create appealing powerpoint
presentations, worksheets and learning content. To sum up, such courses help them sharpen
their skills and improve their teaching efficiency in the class.

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Use Smart Teaching Tools
There is no shortcut to achieving subject matter expertise. But there are smart tools to enhance
their teaching acumen. Teachers must equip themselves with digital tools to ensure a smooth
teaching experience in a digital environment. Online teaching platforms now ensure that
teachers do not spend too much time on administrative tasks. Tech-interventions have made it
possible for teachers to save time by using some of the most common tools available such as:
● Attendance trackers : tools that help teachers keep track of student attendance
● Fee management tools : tools that help teachers receive timely fee payments
● Automated progress reports : automated reports that analyze student progress

Log on to Online Teaching Platforms
Online teaching apps help teachers establish their digital presence seamlessly. These enable
teachers to create multiple batches and enroll as many students as they want. There are no

geographical limitations whatsoever. This implies that teachers can enroll students from across
geographies. The best part about online teaching platforms is that they connect students and
teachers with maximum ease and thereby increase access to learning resources.

Network with Fellow Teachers
Interacting with fellow teachers from different backgrounds helps gain newer insights into
teaching methods. It helps teachers support each other in learning new skills and staying
updated on the latest industry trends. Not just that, networking is crucial for teachers who aspire
to land future opportunities in established institutions.

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Access Reliable Content
There’s an abundance of learning resources on the internet. However, accessing a reliable set
of information, in a unified place, is a challenge for teachers and students alike. Online teaching
platforms provide ready-to-access teaching resources. These resources are prepared by
experts and are renowned for their credibility. Such teaching apps are also equipped with rich
question banks which can be used while conducting exams.

Key Takeaway: Upskilling is a Necessity
Upgrading one’s teaching skills is the need of the hour to stay updated with industry standards.
Doing so helps:
● Bridge learning gaps between teachers and students
● Sharpen teaching skills
● Add value to professional experience
● Widen array of opportunities
● Stay on track with industry standards
Lakhs of teachers have already established their presence online.. While some struggles will
persist, teachers are sure to find solutions and overcome roadblocks in digital classrooms.
Indeed, online teaching platforms, social media communities and fellow educators are
supporting each other in this dynamic transition.
Upskilling has become a necessity in modern times. This is why teachers must equip
themselves with new-age teaching tools and techniques to ensure better learning outcomes for
students. Platforms like SuperTeacher Academy will not only help them conduct online classes
smoothly, but will also empower them to progress and grow professionally.