Technology in the 21st Century

Technology in 21 Century
Technology in 21 Century

Technology in the 21st Century

Technology in the 21st century has enabled us as humans to make strides our ancestors could only dream of. And yet, nagging doubts remain that technology is taking over our lives. The human race has always innovated, and in a relatively short time went from building fires and making stone-tipped arrows to creating smartphone apps and autonomous robots. Today, technological progress will undoubtedly continue to change the way we work, live, and survive in the coming decades and in Technology in the 21st century will be a revolution.

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Since the beginning of the new millennium, the world has witnessed the emergence of social media, smartphones, self-driving cars, and autonomous flying vehicles.Technology making our lives healthier, artificial intelligence, and medical science. Men and women have mapped the human genome and are grappling with the ramifications of biotechnology and gene editing.

In Healthcare sector: Medical practitioners are diagnosing illness quicker and more efficiently through the use of artificial intelligence and performing surgery effectively with the help of flexible robots – their hands essentially mimicking the human hand, but with the advantage of greater rotation and flexibility.

3D Printing: Today, the technology is being used in the production of everything from lower-cost car parts to bridges to less painful ballet slippers and it is even considered for artificial organs.

Hi-tech leads to convenience: Mobile phones have morphed from convenient instruments of communication to personal computers where we can now instantly access data and services via the touch of a button.

Robot heart: Artificial hearts have been around for some time. They are mechanical devices connected to the actual heart or implanted in the chest to assist or substitute a heart that is failing.

Touchscreen glass: Super-thin, chemically strengthened glass is a key component of the touchscreen world. Super-thin, chemically strengthened glass is a key component of the touchscreen world. To learn more about latest technologies visit HawksCode and Easyshiksha.

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