TekMonks launches globally successful work-from-home digital solutions in India


TELEWORKR for workplaces; TELESCHOLR for schools TekMonks Multiple features, high security, cost-effective 

NEW DELHI, August 6, 2020: The Covid pandemic has made Work from Home (WFH) and Study from Home, the new normal.  The corporate, education healthcare and service sector are working online, using available applications to take care of immediate needs. Choices, unfortunately, address parts, seldom visualizing how it impacts the whole. This not only impairs functioning but could potentially be dangerous in the security sphere and affect compliance protocols.

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The need of the hour is a digital solution that replicates the physical and ensures functionality and speed and which are secure and importantly, cost-effective.

TekMonks, a company that is disrupting the work-from-home requirements by offering cutting edge solutions in everything from true AI Cybersecurity to custom-built software has launched two globally successful WFH products in India specifically for the business and education sector.

TELESCHOLR (for education institutions) is not limited to teaching software — it provides a complete school management system. The features of a physical classroom are fully replicated enabling teachers, the school management, and parents to have full control over the student’s activities, ensuring that academic performance is actually improved. Enterprising schools could use this product to expand their operations manifold as the number of students they can reach is not limited to a physical classroom. Vernacular versions can also be created.  Telescholr is already being used by some schools in Delhi since being soft launched less than couple of weeks ago. The company is in discussions with content providers such as publishers for an integrated offering. There is also a university version that enables students to build on their academic excellence and be better positioned for jobs.

TELEWORKR (for businesses) is the first of its kind in the digital office space. It incorporates aspects of a physical office and is easy to install. Applications currently bought individually are available in just one product. It is a complete integrated solution that is available at a fraction of the cost companies currently pay. The key factors for an ideal workspace — accountability, connectivity, communication, and transparency are ensured.

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Teleworkr’s ‘My Team’ feature shows each member’s status not just to the management but to the rest of the team as well. Activity is monitored through AI. It ensures accountability and transparency.  The chat and meeting room feature enables video conferencing and one-on-one communication. No third party app is required, the voice/video/chat data is secure and sits in the office as no outside server is used.   

Fast and secure connectivity is another aspect. Teleworkr ensures the replacement of VPN and uses the ‘reflect’ technology that allows people to connect to the office and cloud applications without a network to network connection. Even if the home computer is hacked, there is no path to the office. The other unique feature is data security. On logout, the software automatically encrypts all files used. These are unencrypted as work starts again the next day, much like in a physical office.

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Rohit Kapoor, creator of this solution and co-founder of the Company says: “We look forward to taking this to the nook and corner of the country as this is our tribute to India’s schools as our guru dakshina. Our charges for the school product are a minor fraction (only Rs 90 or 5% of the product cost) of what schools in the US, Japan, and other countries are paying for. This would is a made-in-India product being used globally by students in America, Japan, Singapore, etc, and for the first time being offered to our Indian children.“ Rohit is the youngest ever IBM Master inventor with over 48 global patents in Artificial Intelligence, Cybersecurity and Mobile technologies.

He added, “We are proud to be a part of India’s journey towards greater digitalization. We are committed to offering cutting edge solutions to ensure that companies can increase functionality and work more creatively and productively.”

Schools, Colleges or companies interested in further information can contact at india@tekmonks.com

TekMonks is a Global leader in software services and IT consulting with offices across 7 countries, and more than 100 IT consultants. TekMonks software is deployed by Fortune 100 companies, governments, one of the largest international airports in the world, some of the largest banks, large Governments, and one of the largest Healthcare processors in the US. TekMonks is disrupting the IT industry by offering cutting edge solutions in everything from true AI Cybersecurity to custom-built software. TekMonks is a high-quality Enterprise Software Development Company with a proven track record. An ISO 9001:2016 QMS Certified company – certifying our quality systems and processes for IT solutions and software.

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