The World Economic Forum’s ‘The Future of Jobs Report’ predicts that emerging technologies are set to create 133 million new jobs across multiple industries. From virtual reality to drone traffic managers, these new potential career paths will demand a combination of technical expertise and broader ‘21st century skills’. These include critical thinking, communication, collaboration and creativity.

If we want to prepare young people to thrive in a rapidly changing workplace, educators must embed these skills in the classroom. In my teaching, I want to ensure students gain the skills and knowledge they need. By creating a positive learning environment, I can also help them become agile learners who can take on new challenges, reflect on their experiences, and seek new opportunities. These are the attributes that will prepare them for success.

The importance of positive education

A positive learning approach begins with creating a safe classroom environment where students are encouraged to use their strengths and become engaged in active learning. When students feel that they are valued, they have sufficient autonomy to use their strengths, then their intrinsic motivation is raised. This feeling of belonging and competence increases students’ wellbeing and performance.

I have seen the success of this approach repeatedly in the workshops I am conducting. Most recently, in a series of workshops in Delhi, I met cohorts of young people who already show great promise. The thinking behind these workshops reflects the global trend towards positive education.

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A student-centred learning model

It is always very effective to teach students strategies to be self-motivated and become independent learners. With an appropriate level of support, students can develop the skills to take responsibility for their learning and work towards their goals. Teaching for learning.futures adopted by the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), places students at the heart of the creative learning experience. It focuses on how students learn and what teachers can do to support that learning. UTS Insearch, the pathway to UTS, implements its model of Learning that focuses on a student-centric approach to teaching and learning. This enables students to develop the skills needed at university and beyond.

About UTS and UTS Insearch

The University of Technology Sydney is Australia’s highest ranking young university and is rising consistently in many prestigious international rankings. UTS Insearch is the pathway to UTS, offering UTS Foundation studies, and first-year university-equivalent programs that are designed with UTS entry in mind.

About The Author: Ms Rola Zaki

Ms Rola Zaki
Ms Rola Zaki

Ms. Zaki is an experienced teacher and business manager from Sydney, Australia. Her exceptional communication skills reflect her deep interest in coaching, inspiring and encouraging others to achieve their goals.

She is a passionate teacher, having taught from high school to post-graduate levels in Mathematics, Accounting and Business Studies. She has been a Subject Coordinator and Lecturer at UTS Insearch for three years.

She has helped in developing and delivering UTS Insearch ‘Teaching for learning futures’ course to introduce teachers to new classroom methodologies and supported implementation of Canvas Learning Management Systems for teachers and students. Ms Zaki presents internationally on the importance of positive education.

Ms Zaki holds a Bachelor of Business (Accounting and Finance Majors) from the University of Technology Sydney, a Master of Applied Finance, a Certificate IV in Training and Assessment and a Certificate in Applied Positive Psychology.

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