Tips on choosing a paint color for your home

paint color

Are you looking forward to renovating or brightening up the current living space? Well, renovation can be a tedious task, especially while choosing a paint color. From super white to silky white, there are so many variants in a single color. So, to solve your struggle, here are a few tips on choosing a paint color for your house

  • Personal taste

This may sound vague but honestly, this is the best way to choose the paint color.

Don’t let the trends or friends influence your choice. Let your house make your personality shine, and you will never regret choosing this color. So, it is your house, paint the colors you love the most.

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  • Depending upon the mood

You feel different when you are in different rooms. For example, your search for peace in your bedroom, after a long tiring day, isn’t it? So, you can paint it with cool and soft colors that can be soothing enough. Accordingly, you can paint the rest of the house.

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Just keep in mind how that color affects your mood. For example, blue can be calming, red can be exciting, etc

  • Room direction or natural light

Before finalizing a color, consider how much natural light that room gets? Artificial lights can entirely change the way a room looks. So, room direction plays a very important role.

If your room is east-facing, it will get the most light in the morning, so you can paint it with warm colors. But, if the room is south-facing, it will get the light throughout the day, so you can choose a cool color.

  • Contrast

Why choose between a warm and cool color when you can go for both? Stop getting bored with neutral spaces and go bold. You change the entire look of the room by pairing the warm and cool color and coming up with an amazing room color Example – combine grey with a touch of a mustard color.

  • Experiment with dark colors

People are generally afraid of painting a dark color and assume that it will make the room feel small. But in reality, they can have a completely opposite effect. It can act as a perfect background to hang the art pieces and make your room look so elegant.

Try this completely different shade if you want a new atmosphere.

  • Dark to light strategy

It is one of the risk-free methods and is mostly recommended by the designers. According to this, you can go from dark shade to light shade. For example, choose a dark shade for your floor, the medium tone for the walls, and a light tone for the ceiling. You can also have a look at the berger paint price list and choose a wonderful colour.

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