Top 11 Apps Every Freelancer Should Use: Make the Workflow Better


iBeing productive and adhering to deadlines is the main task for all freelancers. Sometimes many freelancers get out of schedule and stop being productive. But this option is not the best outcome. Surely you know firsthand how much time is wasted until the workflow begins.

Those who are far from freelance think that this is a dreamwork of a person who has so much free time. But freelancers know that sometimes it is difficult to work in this format and how often there is not enough time to do everything. Workflow Better Want to know about the top 11 freelance apps that will reboot your workflow? Just such applications will be discussed here.

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Top 11 Applications All Freelancers Must Know

Every year there are more and more freelancers. To date, there are more than 28 million people in the world who have chosen freelance as their main career opportunity. For comparison, there were only 18 million of them in 2014. Such fierce competition complicates the search for new customers. To remain a first-class specialist, you need to be able to organize your time and not complicate what can be simplified.

“Efficient applications and software can help freelancers organize their time and even ease a lot of work processes.” – explains CEO at PickTheWriter.

These words have a lot of sense because with the help of various applications it is possible to alleviate many questions regarding work. Let’s discover them!

1. Canva

Almost all freelancers’ sooner or later have to deal with image design. For those who faced with this for the first time, it can be extremely difficult to create a good design. But with the help of Canva, you can make great images and even catalogs, without professional knowledge.

Moreover, the app is free, but if you need some advanced features, you will need to pay. However, even with free features, you can create really cool images.

2. Grammarly

Doubt that your text has no mistakes? Then using this app, you can eliminate this problem and even make your content better. By the way, this app allows you to check the text for uniqueness.

When you create a profile, it is possible to use Grammarly everywhere. Workflow Better To do this, it will be tedious to log into your account on a smartphone or other gadget and then all the text will be checked.

3. Slack

This app is suitable for those who work on a project with a team. Also, this application may be suitable for freelancers to interact with customers.

Surely many are faced with the fact that the customer all the time requires reporting on the project or is directly involved in many aspects. This application will allow you to resolve all issues in one place.

How does it work? For example, you are working with a WritingJudge and want to monitor the work process. Create a specific channel and you can exchange all the necessary data.

There are no restrictions on the number of channels. But as for the free version, the is a restriction in the number of participants in the one channel. Although for freelancers this is a great option to make communication with clients more convenient.

4. SuperBeam

It’s not a secret for you that almost all programs that provide sharing files require an Internet connection. This application allows you to share files without connecting.

To connect the devices, you can use the QR code or shared keys. It is possible to share various files, music, and images. The transfer speed to the iPhone is faster than on other smartphones.

5. Upwork

If you are not a member of Upwork, then it’s time to fix it. Here you can find various orders. Even if you are new to freelance, but you know how to do something well, you can find a job.

Imagine, there are about 2 million customers on this platform. If you execute orders well, then your rating on the platform will increase. Then you can earn even more and more each time when you get an order.

6. Toptal

This resource is one more opportunity for freelancers to find new customers. It is worth noting that this platform is not for beginners, but high-quality specialists with experience. Wondering where to find such an employer as Airbnb? On this platform.

Another interesting feature of this platform is that there is a union of freelancers. This union arranges useful meetings and events.

7. Scrivener

Even if you do not constantly work with text, then this application is a good alternative to familiar programs. It is suitable for both Windows and macOS.

This is a comfortable place to take, manage notes and links. Here you can easily break long texts into sections and organize the writing process.

8. Zoho Writer

This free app is suitable for all those who work with text. Someone prefers Microsoft Word and someone Google Docs. And someone does not like all this at all. Zoho Writer is a good alternative for those who do not like extra features that can make it difficult to work with text.

The app has a simple interface and you can use it even on your smartphone. Even if you love Word, then this program has a plugin that combines these programs together. Must-have for those who work with texts and want to diversify their workflow.

9. Proposify

The knowledge of how to properly position oneself in the services market is a must for every freelancer. A correctly drawn up commercial offer is a good opportunity to find new customers. But how to do that? Many people have problems with this.

This software will help you create a good commercial offer. Here you can make a good design, control metrics, and even search for offer templates.

10. Dribble

This is an indispensable app for freelancers. Sometimes it’s so hard to find orders, and familiar job search platforms no longer bring the same flow of customers as before.

This platform enables designers to create a profile to find new employers. You need to post your resume and recent work examples. So if you have long been looking for a platform where you can find new opportunities, then this is exactly the place.

11. Brand24

If your job is to monitor products and brands, then with this application this process will occur around the clock. The app will provide significant data regarding sales and customer satisfaction.

The program is suitable for marketing analytics, working with real-time alert settings, mood analysis, data export, and so on. So if your work is related to marketing or branding, then this application can be a real helper.

The Final Thoughts

Now you know about applications that will help you improve your workflow, save your valuable time and find new customers. Of course, there may be more such applications, but the most popular are listed here. You must understand that there are more and more freelancers and you need to stay the best. You will need to do what you did not do before to stay competitive and sought-after.

Modern apps will help you do much more and make familiar work better. Therefore, do not waste your time! Start using what modern technology provides you with!

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