Triton 2021, one of its kind virtual interschool fest by Ekya School ITPL sees huge success


Students from 30 schools took up the challenge and participated in different competitions: Ekya School

Bangalore, September 08, 2021: Triton 2021, a one of its kind two-day interschool fest organized by the student council team of Ekya School ITPL was enjoyed and appreciated by each and every participant as it came as a breather in the midst of the Covid pandemic. This virtual event witnessed participation from 30 schools across Bangalore wherein over 250 students registered for various competitions like music, drama, dance, poetry, debate, JAM (Just A Minute), art, cooking, fashion, advertising and chess.

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Triton 2021 is a debut Interschool Fest hosted by Ekya school ITPL. It was organized with an aim to bring schools together, provide new opportunities to the students and showcase their talents in both academic and non-academic activities at Ekya School. This event was acclaimed by multiple schools as the competitions held here were innovative and future-oriented. Triton 2021 was inaugurated by Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder & Managing Director, Ekya Schools and Provost, CMR University.

Speaking about Triton 2021, Dr. Tristha Ramamurthy, Founder & Managing Director, Ekya Schools and Provost, CMR University, said “I feel very proud to see my students coming forward and organizing such a large scale event even during the pandemic. An event like Triton is necessary for the development of soft, analytical and cognitive skills and gives students the opportunity to exhibit their talent. With students bound to their homes for the past 18 months, this event provided them a platform to unwind and exercise their abilities. This also helped in developing good sportsmanship among them. At Ekya, we always encourage and support our students to do something remarkable which will make them future-ready. Employing the latest technology to organize and conduct such events is a big step at a student’s level. Each and every aspect of the event was paid attention to and students have ensured a smooth flow to the activities in the entire event. We are happy that schools have taken the time to participate in this event. We congratulate all the participants and the students who have won and outshone in their respective fields”.

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Events and winners of Triton 2021

Drama:  The participants showcased the dramatic portrayal of Thetis and Vishnu’s Matsya avatar.

First prize – Aviandha Avasthi, CMR NPS

Second prize – Raghava AC, CMR NPUC

Third prize – Samhitha Reddy Pater, Ekya JP Nagar and Trisha Manoj, Gopalan National School.

JAM: In this one-minute competition, the participants were expected to give an impromptu talk on a topic chosen on the spot.

First prize –  Kriti Sengupta, CMR NPS

Second prize – Ayesha Khan, Deens Academy ECC

Third prize – Nirbhik Chaki from CMR NPUC.

Chess: Over 50 students from 20 schools participated in the competition.

First prize – Aishik Biswas, Deen Academy Gunjur

Second prize –  Shubh Saxena, DPS Whitefield

Third prize – Shaun Pinto, Vibgyor.

Debate: This was based on the theme The War Council where the students from different schools represented Generals of Atlantis. The agenda of the debate was whether Atlantians should go to war against the terrestrial entities or not. Students were given sixty seconds to present their views on the topic.

Commendable speaker award – Navya Singh, Deens Academy

Best speaker – Siddharth Ramachandran, CMR PU college ITPL

Outstanding speaker – Kriti Sengupta, CMR NPS

Poetry: Spilt Ink spoken word poetry was one of the interesting competitions of Triton. 

First prize – Sanjana Guruprasad, Deens Academy

Second prize – Arpita Manoj, CMR NPU ITPL & Priyamvada Bangre Praveen, Deens Academy

Third prize – Aditi Akella, Presidency School Bangalore East

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Art: The competition was conducted in two modes. The first one was mystical Murals, a traditional brush painting competition where the participants depicted the emotions of an aquaphobe and aquaphile on a single canvas and the second mode was Modern myth, a digital art where the participants designed an underwater mythical creature in today’s age.

Mystical Murals

First prize – Ayushi, CMR PU

Second prize – Aditya Mummadi, CMR PU

Third prize – Devi Nair S, CMR PU

Modern Myth

First prize – Tejas Mitra, CMR PU

Second prize – Ashwitha A, Deens Academy

Third prize – Deepan Roy, Deens Academy

Music: Over 27 students participated in the music event, Tune Titans (an instrumental form wherein participants portray waves through their music), Symphony of Sirens (a western Acapella competition) and lastly, Sea Shanties (a solo singing competition) with immense enthusiasm.

Tune Titans:

First prize – Varad Rajeev, CMR NPS

Second prize – A.C Raghava, CMR ITPL

Third prize – Siddharth Ramesh, CMR NPS

Symphony of Sirens:

First prize – Mausami, Neha, Vaishnavi, Anusha of CMR PU ITPL

Second prize – Sasha Mathews, CMR NPS

Third prize – Shivani Nagarkatti, CMR PU ITPL

Sea Shanties:

First prize –  Vaishnavi Iyer, CMR NPUC ITPL

Second prize – Roshni Subramaniam, V.G Vaze College of Arts Science and Commerce

Third prize – Prannjali Sinha, Deens Academy

Cooking/Culinary: The culinary event “The Baratie” provided a platform for all the young chefs to create and present a unique dish. 

First prize – Pranshu, Deens Academy

Second prize – Shreya Rose, CMR PU ITPL

Third prize – AC Raghava, CMR PU ITPL

Fashion: The participants dressed up according to the theme “Mythical underwater creatures” where they had to dip their toes in the waters of cosplay – A form of visual art in which the participant recreates the look of a fictional character.

First prize – Nivedita Rajeev, Sri Chaitanya

Second prize – P Shraavya Hande, Ekya JPN

Third prize – Vss Keertana, CMR NPS & Swara Bhavsar, Ekya BTM

About Ekya Schools:

Ekya Schools ( offers world-class education using modern pedagogic learning methods to ensure well-rounded students. Established in 2010, it has four schools and nearly 2800 students. Drawing on the legacy of CMR Group of Institutions, Ekya Schools are imparting innovative, application-rich education by using their in-house developed curriculum. Ekya’s vision is to provide real-world learning experiences facilitated by passionate educators, to prepare students for bigger challenges in life. Ekya empowers young minds, driving them to make a difference in the world. A host of features makes the schools’ curriculum unique and exemplary. It is on par with the global curriculum – learning is fun-filled, contemporary, and meaningful: insightful, real-world methods of understanding and application. For senior students (14-16yrs) Cambridge IGCSE model is followed as it is recognized by leading employers and universities worldwide. 

At the heart of Ekya are the Habits of the ‘Mind and Heart’

The Ekya Learners embody these characteristics that allow them to be globally competitive.

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