What can Internships teach you

what can internships teach you
what can internships teach you

What can internships teach you?

In today’s topic I am going to talk about What can internships teach you? This questions arises in mind of many aspirants. I will share you the things internship can teach you and why it is necessary to take internships.

An internship is an opportunity to test drive a career without making any serious commitments. It provides you with experiences, lessons, and the tools you’ll need to get a full-time gig in the future.

Online Internship with Certification

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How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works
How EasyShiksha Internship/Training Program Works

This provides you with the opportunity to grow and learn before fully entering the working world.A management student said. In my graduation time I saw a career management course that taught me about the best job hunting techniques and how to approach companies for Jobs. I started to implement my learning from this course which resulted in developing my interest for internships. I was amazed to see the response of companies when I used my career management course learning for job hunting. I was able to work as a social media intern in two different companies. What can internships teach you? Internship experiences polished my knowledge, skills, and abilities in the field of social media marketing and taught me valuable lessons that helped me land you your first full-time job.

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Digital Marketing
Neural Networks (ANN) using Keras and TensorFlow in Python
Introduction to Salesforce

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Again this question arises What can internships teach you? One of the most important things you can gain from an internship is newfound knowledge. This can include knowing how to fulfil tasks that are relevant to your desired career path and sharpening the skills that you already possess.

The Attributes that you can learn from Internship.

1. Expertise

The primary thing that you can learn from my internships is expertise or skills required to complete tasks in the field. If you want to go for social media marketing, internships provide with skills and expertise to run social media for a business. Though you are aware of using Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and all on personal level, the way business start their campaigns was different, unique and very interesting. During the brainstorming sessions of those internships where every department of the company was present, vision of business with every social media post or campaign that you run for business. Internship experience developed skills and expertise that are required for social media marketing. I hope now you got an answer of this question What can internships teach you?

2. Working as a team

Let’s take football as an example; a team cannot win if the individual performances are good but teamwork is poor. Similarly, business cannot achieve their goals and targets if the teamwork is missing. My internship experiences made me realize the importance of teamwork. You have to coordinate with graphics team, content team, and managers before posting on social media to gain followers and increase engagement rate for the business. The social media posts where everybody was on the same page resulted in better results compared to those where teamwork was not up to mark.  Hence, the experience taught me the importance of teamwork and its impact on department and companies’ success.

3. Problem Solving

What can internships teach you? What real-life problems have you solved till now other than to decide what to wear the next day and how to dodge the upcoming assignment deadline? An internship introduces you to real-life work problems and hence develops your problem-solving skills.

4.Communication Skills

Talking of soft skills, can the importance of communication skills be ever put into words? It’s one of the top listed skills that recruiters look for in a resume and something that can get you from bottom to top. Communicating well is a gem of a skill which you can learn during your internship experiences.

5. Taking constructive criticism well

This is the important attribute What can internships teach you? Naturally, no one likes to be criticised and performance evaluations can be quite scary. You will probably make a few mistakes and receive constructive results which will leads to sometimes dissatisfaction.

5. Sense of accomplishment

once the internship starts you will start to complete tasks, projects and even created social media campaigns for my business. It can be any coding related tasks or any other task. The completion of these tasks and assignments created a sense of accomplishment or something that I took pride in. Moreover, when your social media posts used to get retweets or likes, You will used to feel proud of it and it was also appreciated by the management. The ability to take pride in your work is very important for career growth and this is What can internships teach you?

6. Time Management

Last on our list, but still as important as the others, is time management. Earlier, you could just miss a class because you had some personal commitments. During an internship which is almost the beginning of your work life, you can’t mark your absence on a regular basis. But you can manage the time through online classes.

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Hence, it helps you learn to manage your time better by maintaining a balance between your work and personal life, without harming any of them. I hope you learn the answer of this What can internships teach you?

Soft skills are equally important as hard skills, if not more. If you are an academic genius, you won’t reach far without exploiting your soft skills and hence it becomes important to learn these skills early in your life. So, make the most out of your internship experiences and learn all that it has to offer.

I hope you like this blog, What can internships teach you? To learn more visit HawksCode and Easyshiksha.


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