What is Docker?

What is Docker?
What is Docker?

What is Docker?

In the last topic, We had talked about Container. In this, we are going to discuss What is Docker? But before moving forward, you need to visit my previous blog about Container.

Docker is a tool designed to make it easier to create, deploy, and run applications by using containers. Containers allow a developer to package up an application with all of the parts it needs, such as libraries and other dependencies, and deploy it as one package. By doing so, thanks to the container, the developer can rest assured that the application will run on any other Linux machine regardless of any customized settings that machine might have that could differ from the machine used for writing and testing the code.

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Container tools, including Docker, provide an image-based deployment model. This makes it easy to share an application, or set of services, with all of their dependencies across multiple environments. Docker also automates deploying the application (or combined sets of processes that make up an app) inside this container environment.

The Advantages of Docker Container


The Docker approach to containerization focuses on the ability to take down a part of an application to update or repair, without having to take down the whole app.

Layers and image version control

Each Docker image file is made up of a series of layers that are combined into a single image. A layer is created when the image changes. Every time a user specifies a command, such as run or copy, a new layer gets created.


Perhaps the best part about layering is the ability to roll back. Every image has layers. Don’t like the current iteration of an image? Roll it back to the previous version. 

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