What is Java & Its advantages? Difference Between Java & Python


Is Java relevant in 2020? What are the advantages of Java? What is the Difference between Java & Python? All these questions will appear in your mind when you take a step forward for learning Java. If you want to make a career in the Software Development industry, Java is the best language for learning in the current time period.

The Information Technology sector prefers java in place of other language because java provides an independent platform. You can easily execute java program on any platform, any machine architecture, any operating system. You may not be required to convert coding in any other language form running java program at any platform. Android smartphone application are mostly created by java.

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Advantages & Disadvantages of Java


It is a Multi-threaded.
It can easily restore data that is store before.
Java has good storage capacity.
Java can perform several tasks simultaneously within a program.


Java is slow processing language.
It may consume more space in comparison with other languages C or C++.

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Difference Between Java & Python.

Java is a statically typed on the other hand Python is dynamically typed. Python is easily understandable as a Comparision of Java. Python has consists of elegant syntax and it may also good source of scripting. python coding is much simple than Java “class shell”. Java is not for beginners, it is a complex language which is used by professionals. But python is a simple language that is easily learning by beginners.

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