What is MS Word? Check here the features of Microsoft Word & Their Uses.

What is MS Word

Microsoft word is well known as M.S. Word. It is the sub-application of MS office software which is published by Microsoft in 1983. It is one of the software which is highly used in the Corporate world. You can run MS word at Microsoft Windows, Apple macOS, Android, and Apple iOS. With the help of WINE, you can also use it on Linux OS.

Feature of M.S Word

Microsoft Word consists of lots of features that makes your content perfect without using some additional application. It will automatically shows your spelling mistake, grammatical mistake, text & font formatting, Advance page layout, etc. It may also support HTML, Images, videos, etc. All these features will make your work attractive and presentable. It will support 51 different languages. There are 25 Lines are available on one page of MS Word.

Uses of MS Word

MS Word is mainly used for creating professional documents such as reports, formal letters, resumes, posters, thesis, etc. It is used for storing written text content and you can also generate print typed content on it. MS word can create multiple types of files such as HTML files, Rich Text files, only text files, PDF files, and word file (.doc & .docx). Some Word files can also support XML Files.

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Why People Prefer MS Word in Comparison of Plain Text Editor & WordPad?

Microsoft word provides lots of features which are not available in any other Plain Text Editor & WordPad. MS Word consists of Advance features in comparison to any other rich text editor.

Benefits of Learning Microsoft Word Online Tutorials

MS word is one of the application which is used at various working places such as office, school, College, Hospital, etc. So if you want to work on these places, you may be required to learn ” How to use Microsoft Word?”. In Corporate, top companies are always preferred, employees who have knowledge of MS Word. It will reduce the chances of mistakes in professional documents. With the help of MS Word, you can do formatting perfectly.

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