WhiteHat Jr unlocks Music learning across all age groups launches a customized music course for the 18+ segment


Virtual jam rooms, curated ‘socials’ to help music enthusiasts give live WhiteHat Jr performances and connect with likeminded people

MUMBAI, October 28, 2021 – WhiteHat Jr, the leading live one-on-one online learning platform, announced its entry into the 18+ segment with the launch of a specially curated course to offer immersive learning opportunities for music aspirants across all age groups. The launch follows WhiteHat Jr’s successful foray into music, offering Guitar and Piano,

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leveraging a custom-built platform for online learning to inspire children to learn to play and compose. Aimed at Music as an avenue for adding immense joy to people across ages, the music course was catalyzed by the overwhelming interest received for the WhiteHat Jr music course from learners above and beyond the young learner segment.

WhiteHat Jr’s ‘Perform With Music’ will help satiate the core desire of the grown-up segment to express themselves through music, and connect with fellow music lovers. On one level, the specially-designed curriculum will help learners practice contemporary music while on another, it will offer opportunities such as virtual ‘Jam Rooms’ for music aspirants to practice and jam together. True to its name, ‘Perform With Music’ also has curated events called
‘Socials’ where learners can give live performances and engage with fellow music enthusiasts.

“Music gives expression and soul to a variety of emotions. Music helps people bond with friends and family, make new friends, and relive old memories. There is music for everyone and for all occasions. Our music offering for grown-ups is geared to help young professionals, parents and grandparents come out of the humdrum of a daily routine
musically and fulfill the desire of living a multi-faceted life,” said Trupti Mukker, CEO, WhiteHat Jr. “With the initial response being extremely positive, the entry into the 18+ segment allows us to extend the joy of learning across all age groups, and what better than Music to help recreate joy and break the monotony of a typical adult life.”

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“The pandemic has highlighted how music can uplift an individual’s health and wellbeing, help bond with others, and offer several cognitive benefits for older adults,” said Gautam Patil, Global Category Head for Music, WhiteHat Jr. “We are excited that our custom-built course is helping adults fulfill their dream of learning an instrument and finding meaningful ways to bond with friends and family.”

WhiteHat Jr currently offers Guitar and Piano through its custom-built curriculum designed for online learning for students aged between 6 and 18 years. WhiteHat Jr’s 1,500-strong community of music teachers uses well-planned resources like interactive sheet music, backing tracks, and audiovisual cues to inspire music aspirants to learn at their own pace and also make creative compositions.

The company has partnered with musical legend Asha Bhosle as part of its brand campaign to popularise its Music offering to aspirants. The ‘create like a child’ campaign focuses on celebrating, honoring, and taking inspiration from individuals who have achieved stardom by listening to their inner child to unlock their full potential. Please click here to view the campaign.

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About WhiteHat Jr

WhiteHat Jr has been launched with the singular mission of empowering kids to become creators versus consumers of technology. The company has channeled students’ natural creativity through an engaging curriculum and personalized live teacher attention. WhiteHat Jr’s 11,000+ strong teacher workforce conducts thousands of live Coding, Math, and Music online classes every day on its proprietary platform. Cumulatively, the company has conducted more than 8.7 million classes to date.

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