Why opt for a School with Extensive Curricular Activities?

Curricular activities

Curricular activities in school play a significant role in providing structured and balanced education to students. It is a fundamental part of school life that aids in improving a student’s social and intellectual skills. There are various types of curricular activities in school that are chosen to develop the overall personality of a student. Selection of the right kind of extracurricular activities can polish your child’s skills and keep them engaged, thus utilizing their energy.

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Curricular activities in school are intended to bring moral, cultural and ethical values, personality development, and character advancement in students. It includes athletics, social occasions, library activities, science lab tasks, classroom activities, creative arts, meditation, and so on.

Parents today look for schools that have a wide range of extracurricular activities along with classroom teaching. Here are some reasons why:

  • Better Physical and Mental Health

As you know, obesity is the reason behind many health problems. The young generation’s lack of physical movement has led to an increase in such cases. Curricular activities in school help the students stay active and participate in various activities as a part of their curriculum. It relieves them of the academic stress and indulges them in physical activities as well. This makes curricular activities in school an indispensable part of a child’s wellbeing.

  • Essential Life Skills

Co-curricular activities improve the overall learning experience of students and help them develop their inner talents. They help foster public speaking with confidence, leadership qualities, team spirit and more. Curricular activities in school offer them an opportunity to think unusually and get their own innovative ideas.

  • Creates Broader Prospective

In a world of high competition, better grades act as game changers while taking admissions in other schools, colleges, or universities. Curricular activities in school provide equal opportunities to students pursuing different activities such as essay writing, athletics, gymnastics, music, dance and more. They are given equal preference in college admissions as students with high marks. If your child is exceptional in some activity/sport, they may also get opportunities to build a career in it.

  • Improves Academic Performance

Students participating in curricular activities in school can increase their brain function, help them concentrate and manage their time better, all of which contribute to efficient performance academically. Further, high endurance sports will train them to focus and build stamina in the face of intense challenges. This gives students an added advantage when it comes to studying and performing in exams.

  • Social Opportunities

Curricular activities in school are the best way for your child to communicate and make friends. In this world of digital technology, kids have forgotten the meaning of real friendships. They are more likely to get deeply involved with people and make lasting human connections when they mingle with them in person.

  • Provides a Breather

All play and no work surely makes Jack a dull boy. Interactive activities help children concentrate on academics better. Hence, there is nothing better than to engage them in curricular activities in school to give them a much-needed refreshing break from studies and restore their ability to retain knowledge.

Think Beyond Academics

Curricular activities in school act as productive breaks for students and gives them the chance to explore their hobbies and interests. Take the time to think about the role of extracurricular activities and opt for a school that has extensive options. The lessons your child will learn from these activities will go a long way from college admissions to work life.

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Reputable schools such as Genesis Global school offer a plethora of extracurricular activities in literature, art, science, performing arts and sports. They cultivate vital non-academic skills, including leadership, innovation and entrepreneurship.

So, for holistic development of your child, pick a school that encourages both curricular activities as well as academics.

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