Year-end quotes from experts in the HR ,recruitment, study abroad consultants, edtech & education field


Year-end quotes by expert in different fields

HR & Recruitment Experts 

Quote on behalf of Anshul
 Khurana, Co-founder of Entitled Solutions
 (a comprehensive ecosystem to enhance the well-being of blue-collar workers)
“2023 has been a very interesting year for the financial inclusion space. At one end, the recognition of the fact that low-income workers, especially those in the gig economy, are incredibly underserved, and something needs to be done urgently about it, has been more than ever. The potential of new technologies such as GenAI, and innovations like embedded finance have been widely discussed and spoken about. At the other end, consumer protection and compliance has been at the top of the agenda from a regulatory standpoint and digital financial services have seen a consolidation because of that. 2024 is expected to start at the similar note as well, and building sustainable frameworks for enabling digital financial services will be the key flavor. But once that is done, the second half of the year could see an even bigger boom in the space, with new technologies and innovations pushing for greater financial inclusion and wellbeing of low-income workers”.

Quote on behalf of Sourabh Deorah, CEO & Co-founder, Advantage Club (global employee engagement platform)
“At Advantage Club, we have experienced remarkable growth, with a doubling of our client base in the past year. Based on current market trends and increasing demand, we anticipate a 70% client growth in the coming year. Our revenue has seen substantial growth, increasing by 5x over the last two years. Looking ahead, we project to double our current revenue, driven by our focus on delivering the best experience for users and HR professionals. Our high redemption rate of 90% sets us apart from competitors, as we empower organizations to reallocate unused funds, benefiting their workforce. As the future of employee engagement shifts towards a more individualized approach, our AI engine plays a crucial role in tailoring experiences for each user. AI is a key growth driver, responsible for 28% of our platform’s transactions, personalizing experiences for users.Generative AI has the power to transform HR Tech, enhancing recruitment, learning experiences, and employee engagement. Our focus for 2024 is to double our business and manage expansion across regions, ensuring a strong local presence while maintaining a cohesive global strategy.”

Quote on behalf of Samuel Joy, CEO, Huntr ( a UAE based marketplace connecting migrant workers with enterprises)
“The experiences of blue-collar migrants in the past year have been marked by adaptation and resilience. These workers have shown remarkable flexibility when navigating new markets after the challenges of the global pandemic and fluctuating job markets. Looking ahead to the coming year, we anticipate a continued emphasis on skill development, language and digital literacy through our trusted service partners as these factors become increasingly crucial in the global workforce. The future holds opportunities for growth and advancement as countries and industries adapt to the evolving landscape of labor and technology. The resilience and adaptability demonstrated by blue-collar migrants will be critical assets in embracing these emerging opportunities”.

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Study Abroad Consultants 

Quote on behalf of Gaurav Batra, Founder and CEO of Infinite Group – a global leader in the study abroad  sector

“Over the past year, it’s evident that the thirst for international education experiences among students has surged exponentially. The statistics reveal a significant increase, with 1.3 million students choosing to study abroad in 2023 alone. This trend reflects a growing interest in exploring diverse cultures and academic opportunities beyond borders.Today, students weigh several crucial factors when deciding on studying abroad, including safety, affordability, employability, and housing options. Moreover, leading study destinations like Canada, the UK, the US, Australia, and New Zealand remain highly sought-after, attracting a diverse influx of scholars eager for academic enrichment and cultural immersion.As the popularity of studying abroad continues to rise, projections suggest that the number of outbound students will reach 1.8 million by 2024”.

Quote on behalf of Rohit Sethi, Director – ESS Global –  a study abroad consultant 

“As we approach the year’s end, I’m reminded of a powerful quote by Alvin Toffler: “The illiterate of the 21st century will not be those who cannot read and write, but those who cannot learn, unlearn, and relearn.” This quote brilliantly captures the essence of modern education, emphasising the necessity of continuous adaptation and learning in our dynamic era.

In 2023, though there were ups and downs in terms of immigration policies initially, more students are now studying abroad than ever before. This is because people are realising how valuable it is to learn in other countries. They can develop important skills, see new things, and gain experience in a world that is more connected. 
Looking ahead to 2024, the study abroad/resettlement system paints a picture of optimism and progress.  Even though the world economy and politics are changing, people still want to study in other countries. This means that the future is bright for overseas education and resettlement.”

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Education & Edtech experts

Quote on behalf of Pratham Batra Co-Founder & CEO, Zell Education: One-stop solution for careers in finance and accounts for students and working professionals
“In the era of rapidly advancing technologies and widespread consumer adoption, the realm of online learning, particularly in the finance domain, has experienced an unprecedented surge. Notably, there has been a remarkable 40% increase in enrollments for Financial Risk courses compared to the preceding year. This surge in demand throughout 2023 can be attributed to a confluence of factors, including the escalating intricacies of financial markets, heightened regulatory requirements, and an increasing emphasis on risk management within the financial industry. Recognizing the pivotal role of risk management in ensuring financial stability and fostering growth, the financial industry continues to acknowledge its significance. The overall outlook for the sector remains exceedingly positive, with a burgeoning landscape of job opportunities for professionals well-versed in financial risk management. As we move forward, our commitment to providing top-tier education remains unwavering. We are dedicated to fostering collaborations with premier global institutions, introducing cutting-edge programs, and expanding our repertoire of job-guarantee initiatives.”

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Quote on behalf of Rohit Gupta, Co-Founder and COO, College Vidya, platform helping students make informed online education choices 

“In the transformative landscape of online education, 2023 has been a remarkable year, witnessing an unprecedented momentum in the pursuit of knowledge. As we wrap up this year, we observed that online education witnessed remarkable momentum, empowering women to pursue their academic aspirations from home. Leading states like Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Maharashtra, Bihar, and Gujarat showcased impressive female enrollment. Tier 2 and 3 cities, such as in Bihar and Gujarat, made significant contributions. Female admissions surged from 1,000 in 2021 to 5,000 in 2023, highlighting the need for revolutionizing the process and empowering learners to choose the right online education partner.

Through our in-house study, we also witnessed a rising trend among UPSC aspirants, with close to 1,300 candidates already opting for backup options, including pursuing online degrees. This trend extends beyond those exclusively preparing for UPSC, making online degrees a popular choice among aspirants considering other government job opportunities. The growing awareness among UPSC aspirants about the benefits of pursuing online degrees as backup options is evident, with a 20% month-on-month growth in exploring and choosing these alternatives. Even with the CA/CMA aspirants, we recognized a growing trend among students opting for online degrees as a security blanket for their careers. College Vidya’s study has revealed a 300% increase in demand for backup options over the past two years.

Looking forward to 2024, we envision a future where students are inspired to explore our platform, unlocking a personalized, flexible, and comprehensive online education experience that goes beyond the constraints of traditional methods. We believe in the power of choice and right guidance and the potential it holds to shape a brighter future for every learner.”

Quote on behalf of Mr. Beas Dev Ralhan, CEO, Next Education  (Next Education, an end-to-end SaaS- based K-12 Education Solutions Provider)

“Reflecting on this year, we at Next Education have embraced NEP’s vision and are innovating in education through technology. As we look ahead, our goal is clear: to transform the teaching and learning experiences by making them more interactive and personalized. Here’s to a future where we set educational trends and push beyond traditional boundaries for a transformative learning journey.”

Quote by Dr (Prof.) Varinder Kanwar, CEO, NABET – National Accreditation Board for Education and Training

“Upon contemplating the advancements achieved in the field of education in 2023, we see a future in which creativity and flexibility will persistently influence the nature of education. The rapidly evolving trends will have a significant influence on the education industry. Personalized and technologically enhanced learning experiences will become the norm in the upcoming years, meeting the demands of individual learners and a wide range of learning styles. Furthermore, as technology advances at an ever-accelerating rate with the intervention of AI, lifelong learning will become increasingly important in education. Retraining and upskilling on a constant basis will be necessary to remain employable in a labour market that is constantly changing. Institutions and business partners will work together to create programs that are flexible and adaptable. Continuous upskilling and reskilling will be integral to staying relevant in an ever-evolving job market. Institutions will collaborate with industries to develop agile and responsive programs that align with the demands of the workforce. As we bid farewell to this year, let us embrace the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. The National Accreditation Board for Education and Training (NABET) remains committed to fostering an educational landscape that strives in the direction of imparting quality education through its accreditation programs, and capacity-building trainings across various institutions.”

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