5 Golden Tips for MBA Students


Pursuing an MBA program can be overwhelming, no matter whether you have taken it up straight after your undergraduate studies, or after a stint in the professional world. Although both the options have their own merits, in both the cases, a lot is demanded on the part of the student. MBA is a rigorous program that adds a significant burden to your schedule, especially if you are already reeling under personal or professional commitments. To help ease the journey, this blog discusses some handy study tips for MBA students.

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1. Be Your Own Benchmark
Rather than measuring yourself against your peers, be your own benchmark. Measure your progress based on where you were when you started the preparation. Measuring yourself against someone is a futile exercise given the fact that any prestigious MBA program attracts the best and brightest minds. Your baseline and learning curve are unique, as for every student, and business schools employ a deliberate policy of recruiting people with diverse backgrounds and experience. It is only when you appreciate these facts that you will be in a better position to measure and appreciate the progress you make.

2. Engage in Career Experimentation
The scope of your career exploration should go beyond the confines of conventional avenues of recruiting. You should be proactive in taking advantage of the opportunities available in your business school, such as special classes, extracurricular activities, and teaching assistance. Such avenues present a unique opportunity for you to try new roles and industries, and get an overview of the various skills demanded by different roles. If you adopt such an approach, you may have already experienced diverse roles by the time you graduate from business school.

3. Enhance Your Dry-text Reading Speed
MBA programs demand a lot of reading and it helps if you condition yourself early for what lies ahead. Work on your reading speed before the start of the semester so that you hit the ground running. You will be required to read lots of textbooks, lecture notes, and case studies, among others, which calls for speed reading. You need to master the art of skimming text to determine the important bits of information in the minimum possible time. The program will become a whole lot easier, if you develop the ability to retain and recall information with speed reading.

4. Put Your MBA Card to Good Use
Some students go through their MBA programs, unaware of the abilities granted by their status as an MBA student. It is easier for MBA students to be a part of diverse events, such as conferences, webinars, and tradeshows, and obtain useful information that can help them enhance their profile. MBA students can take advantage of such opportunities to meet leaders from diverse industries, and gather a clear picture of a promising career path.

5. Avoid Complacency
It is easy for students to get complacent after getting admitted into a business school. The scenario where the school is taking care of structuring your curriculum and arranging for a variety of top employers to come meet you is a fertile ground for getting sidetracked into a feeling of deriving satisfaction from just being present. Use your time to gain experiences that are relevant to an MBA student, such as by volunteering, attending networking events, conducting an independent study, or partnering with a lecturer on a research project.

Parting Words
All these tips and others help alleviate some of the stress that comes with MBA studies. In addition to the guidelines discussed, it is important that you optimally use the dead time in your daily routine. You also need to familiarize yourself with the finer lines of working in a group, as you will need the skill to excel in the professional world. Avoid self-absorption and realize that you also stand to gain by positively impacting the MBA experience of your peers. Lastly, establish a long term career goal to select the right short-term opportunities.

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