A Shared Vision for a better-connected world

Rusen Kumar

By Rusen Kumar

Let me elaborate on a shared vision that may help in creating a better world, connected world. The connected world needs technology that makes life easier, better, faster, safer, and simple. A free economy has enabled us to create technology that makes life better for everyone around the globe. Technology has become a key enabler in inspiring and motivating people and organizations to do what we do, to make what we make, to invent, and to reinvent, to innovative experiences that amaze. 

The pandemic has also fundamentally reformed human behavior and way of thinking. Likewise, the pandemic has fundamentally changed the concept of work. Many have adopted a digital-first mentality, and they are looking for seamless omnichannel experiences spanning their digital and physical worlds.

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As hybrid work becomes the norm, many workplaces will become collaboration spaces while a lot of traditional workplaces will be done remotely. Technology has to play a vital role in making a curated and connected workplace. We won’t stop people’s way of thinking. We won’t stop pushing ahead.

We need technology that reinvents our world – how we work, how we play and how we live. The Covid-19 pandemic has caused pain and suffering for everyone for some reason. The world has seen stark reminders of the serious social and environmental challenges demanding our collective action. Technology has served the people most in the Covid-19 situation.

Undoubtedly, the pandemic has shown the value of innovation. Everyone must see many attractive opportunities ahead to build on their success and drive sustainable growth, powered by trends that are reshaping the world around us. Undoubtedly, this will drive the continued consumerization of Government and corporate IT and a new wave of innovation – from more versatile and secure technology and peripherals.

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The post-pandemic world urgently required a wide range of personal computing solutions tailored to the changing ways people live, work, learn and play. We need to create and implement new IT systems for small businesses and homes that make them more digitally enabled and data-driven. In the connected world, every government, business and people must stand for a new era of opportunity where nature is conserved, people’s rights are collectively protected, and finally, the digital divide is eliminated for all. 

The journey of success in a new era will no longer be defined solely by the innovation we make, but also by the progress that we make possible. From addressing systemic racism to protecting our planet for our future generations, is a prime responsibility of technological innovations. People are looking for those who they can rely on to do the right things.

Making technology affordable, energy-efficient and durable remains a fundamental challenge.  Climate change is one of the most significant and urgent issues of the present time. We urgently require technology that forecasts the adverse impact on the environment and climate. 

In a post-pandemic world, every institution – governments and organizations – must outline a commitment to creating positive, lasting change for the planet, people, and communities around them.  

Collectively, let’s summon creativity, imagination and determination. Such things will define our soft and the best – that will be the ultimate lift to humanity to newer heights in the years to come.

Online Education Magazine in India, EasyShiksha Magazine
Online Education Magazine in India, EasyShiksha Magazine

Every institution and everyone must reshape a home to those who dream of creating a better future for everyone, everywhere – then work together to make it a reality. Better innovation will come from diverse, empowered people and a connected society. 

Finally, let’s apply our collective expertise, wisdom, scale, and resources to help regenerate the natural systems on which we all depend. Everyone must show uncompromised commitment to creating inclusive technology that affirms human dignity, promotes independence, and unleashes creativity. Technology has to play a wider role in making our mother earth a better place to live in for everyone, all institutions and businesses.  

About the Author

Rusen Kumar is the founder and CEO of India CSR – The CSR Informer of India. He regularly writes on CSR, Sustainability and Environmental affairs. He brings an understanding of governance, leadership development, social development, human development, and strategic focus by serving boards. His leadership accomplishments in social enterprise, planning, and governance range from viable achievements in knowledge forum initiatives to advancement of corporate social responsibility issues in India. 

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