Applications of IBM Watson

Applications of IBM Watson
Applications of IBM Watson

Applications of IBM Watson

Today we are going to talk about Applications of IBM Watson. The use of AI and IoT become the reality of business there are many industries depend on AI and IoT.

IBM Watson can help in revolutionizing many industries. In my previous blog What is IBM Watson? I had explained about this cognitive computing system

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The following industries are:

Health-care Watson has a huge impact on the healthcare industry specially treating cancer patients. It is speeding up DNA analysis in cancer patients to help make their treatment more effective. It helps with diagnoses by using a dermatology app called schEMA allows doctors to input patient data and (NLP) helps identify potential symptoms and treatments. 

Finance Watson helps financial planners to improve there advise. ANZ Global Wealth, the private banking arm of Australia and New Zealand Global Banking Group, has given more than 400 financial planners access to the Watson Engagement Advisor to help them deliver an improved advice process.

Retail Watson has also affected the retail industry. It will help to personalize the purchasing experience NaturalSelection is an app created by Sellpoints by using NLP to present products in a more personalized way to the customers and is also used in Travel company by WayBlazer create discovery engine to analyze data to better link advance offers.

Defence The defence is one of the major Applications of IBM Watson. Watson Engagement in a pilot program to help military men and women to transition to civilian life each year. As it is based on NLP it analyzes and understands more than 3k documents to military transitions, allowing members to ask questions and receive answer specific to there needs.

Space and Research Pilot Expert Advisor system for use in flight deck concept which will advise, monitor and assess in real-time. Now NASA wants to use this technology in space crafts too. Pilot-Engaged Expert Response is an in-cockpit advisor that acts as a source of situation relevant information for pilots and other crew members. Decision making in real-time events that arise in the course of aircraft. It can help the astronaut’s similarly by providing important informational resources where they are needed most.

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