What is IBM Watson?

What is IBM Watson?
What is IBM Watson?

What is IBM Watson?

As you guys are aware of AI, in my previous articles I had mentioned about AI and deep learning. Now, this new blog is about What is IBM Watson? Over the past 10 years, IBM Watson has shown a world the value of AI and give a new shape to the future of AI.

Watson was created as a Question Answer machine by IBM in 2011 for a quiz show named Jeopardy.

IBM uses new approaches to infuse knowledge into NLP (Natural Language). Watson is a system based on cognitive computing. Cognitive computing is a technique which is a mixture of different techniques such as machine learning, natural language processing, artificial intelligence, human interaction, reasoning etc.

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In 2013 IBM announced the first application of would be used for decision making in Lungs Cancer treatment. With a single machine, IBM would tackle humanity’s most vexing diseases and revolutionize medicine. To lean more visit Easyshiksha Online.

Last week IBM announced it has moved its cognitive computing system to cloud to form the Watson, allowing everyone trying to leverage big data the ability to test programs and hypotheses at a speed never seen before. Since Watson is built to understand natural language, the cloud allows researchers to process millions of data that is impossible for a human to handle. 

The ability to understand natural queries is a big deal. You can ask for an example. I am going to be in Delhi. I like swimming. Watson will suggest few of the summing clubs that are open for everyone like Friends Swimming Academy, Gulmohar Club. Hotels that have swimming pools like Radisson or in the off-season you can drive to goa. These are the human-understandable query and well answered by Watson.  To know more tech news and blogs like What is IBM Watson?   visit hawkscode and easyshiksha and you can read more articles like Image Recognition and Applications of IBM Watson

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