Big Data a Revolution

Big Data a Revolution
Big Data a Revolution

 Big Data a revolution

Today, we will learn about the Big Data a revolution of dataIn the age of technology, when things are changing at a fast pace a huge data storage is required to store massive data. Now the time is changed with new devices and change in graphics this is the age of HD one image is not in Kb a single DSLR click picture are in Mb. So the large data storage is required to store real-time data.

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Take an example of Facebook, Amazon, Instagram. If you have like, comment change your it will instantly change this is called real-time storage. So the whole concept of a database is changed “We are not storing data manually data is storing automatically at a real-time and data is not defined, space is not defined.

According to Statistics show that every day 500+ terabytes of new data get ingested into the Facebook database. An aircraft company can generate 10+ terabytes of data just for a 30 min flight.

Big Data is a phrase used to mean a massive volume of both structured and unstructured data. To Learn More about Big Data visit Easyshiksha Courses

There are three types of Data




Structured Data which is pre-determined and accessed and processed in fixed formats termed as structured. This type of data is generally in numeric whereas unstructured is not pre-determined. The data is collected from emails, mobile devices, applications, databases, servers and other means. The data which is gathered from different social media platforms and this is an unorganised form of data generally helps in making decisions. Semi-structured data can contain both forms of data. We can see semi-structured data as a structured in form but it is not defined with e.g. a table definition in relational DBMS.

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Let’s take an example if I had liked a few posts of footwear on Facebook you will get an email from amazon and on amazon app, you will see that product. Big Data helps companies to improve operations and make faster, more intelligent decisions. The Big Data a revolution of data starts when data is captured, formatted, manipulated, stored and then analyzed, can help a company to gain useful insight to increase revenues, get or retain customers and improve operations. To understand this more clearly watch this video Big Data a revolution.

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