What is Quantum Supremacy?

What is Quantum Supremacy?
What is Quantum Supremacy?

What is Quantum Supremacy?

 Today’s topic is What is Quantum Supremacy? from the past couple of months, we all heard about Google has achieved the quantum supremacy. Before this we need to know about Quantum Computing.

 Quantum Computing is the use of quantum-mechinical phenomena such as superposition and entangalment to perfom computation. It have the ability of subatomic particles to exist in more than one state at a time due to minuteness of particles behave, the task can be performed much more quicky and use less energy than classical computers. In classic computers, a bit is a piece of information in a form of 0 or 1. Classic computers can carry out logical operations only. Quantum Computing use quantum bits or qubits unlike 0 or 1 they can store much more information. To learn more about this visit Easyshiksha online.

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Let’s get back to our topic is What is Quantum Supremacy. So by using fancy words like super kind of computers based on quantum principles and master them dexterously that it actually outplay treditional computing. So according to research paper Google uses 53 qubit processor to generate a sequence of millions of numbers and was able to perform calculations in 200 seconds that would take words fastest super computers to calculate in 10,000 years. Sounds amazing right , the experiement was run on 54 qubit processor named Sycamore and also perform random generation of numbers. Sycamore is compressed of two dimention grid where each qubit is connected to four other qubits. The success of this experiement is due to two qubit gates used with enhanced parallelism that reliably achieve record performance, even when operating many gates simultaneously.

But well IBM another tycoon of IT industry downplay Google achivement by saying that a traditional computer can perform it in 2.5 days. But quantum supremacy is by no means a two-horse race there are many other startup’s working on this.

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