Drone technology uses and applications

Drone technology uses and applications
Drone technology uses and applications

Drone technology uses and applications

In todays topic we will discuss Drone technology uses and applications.

Drones also known by the name Unmanned Aerial Vehicle, Miniature Pilotless Aircraft or Flying Mini Roborts. Over the past few years drones demand is booming in market and is used for differenet industries. From quicky deliveries at rush hour to the unreachable military basecamp drones are proving extreamly usefull in places where man cannot reach. You can also learn through my new blogs the working of drones and its working without GPS.

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Initially known for military use, drones are now being used by individual enterpreneurs. According to a study by the year 2020, 16 million drones will be sold in commercial markets of the world below you can see the Drone technology uses and applications.

  1. Aerial Photography

Drones are use to capture footage that would otherwise requires expensive choppers. No need of pilot. Easy to reach at anyplace small and compact in size which let it take magnifying pictures by getting close to the place.

  1. Shipping and Delivery

 Drones are also use for fast delivery of food, small packages, medicines, beverages, letters for smaller distance. Many companies like Amazon, UPS are in favour of using drones for shot disctance delivery it will save time a lot of man power, unecessary road traffic.

  1. Disaster Management

Drones provide a quick report after a natural or man-made disaster geather information of injured people or the total distruction. Rescue people and provide them food, water etc.You can take a example of corona virus spread in china now they provide food and water to victams through drones.

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  1. Geographic Mapping

Drones can acquire very high-resolution data and download imagery in difficult to reach locations like coastlines, mountain tops, and islands. They are also used to create 3D maps and contribute to crowd sourced mapping applications.

  1. Agriculture

Drones use infrared sensors to detact the crop health, enable farmers to improve crop. This is a cheap and effective method for farmers to input fertilizers and pesticides.

  1. Weather Forecast

  Drones are also use to forecast weather it can monitore unpredictable weather, Since they are cheap and unmanned, drones can be sent into hurricanes and tornados, so that scientists and weather forecasters acquire new insights into their behavior.

  1. Military

 Drones are used by military for reaching terrorist campgrounds and use in war as well.

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