How do drones work ?

How do Drones work?
How do Drones work?

How do Drones work?

Drones technology is constantly evolving day by day as new innovation and big investments are bringing more advanced drones in the market. A drone is a typical aircraft made of a very light composite materials to reduce and increase maneuverability but the question arises How do Drones work?

With a joystick and GPS System, the operations of customer drones seem not too complex then playing just a video game but there is lot more to understand drone. Drone accelerometer, a gyroscope, and other complex technologies working to make the mechanics of drone flight as smooth as possible. But there are also some AI based drones without GPS.

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Drones are used in different intustries for that you can visit Drone Applications and drones use in Africa.

Below is the explaination of How do Drones work?

Verticle motion

Drones uses rotors for propulsion and control. Rotors are like fan use spinning blades to push down air. The air pushes up on rotors and then the drone lift upwards faster the rotors spin, greater the lift. There are three things in verticle plane hover, climb or descend.

Gyros stabilization technology give the drone its smooth flight capabilities.

The gyroscope works to the forces moving against the drone keeping it flying or hovering very smoothly. The inertial measurement unit works by detecting the current rate of acceleration using one or more accelerometers.

Turning or Rotating

 Turning a drone is a major task lets a drone pointed towards north and you want to rotate it towards east. We can rotate it by changing the power to the four rotors. Two cross opposite rotors will rotating counterclockwise and the other two cross opposite will rotating clockwise. The two sets of rotors rotate in the opposite direction the angular momentum is zero. It’s a complex right you just need to know the angular momentum depends on how fast the rotors spin.

Forward and Sideway Movement

The forward and Sideway Movement same holds true for side-to-side motion. Basically a quadcopter drone is like a car where every side is the front. This means that explaining how to move forward also explains how to move back or to either side. You need to increase the rate of rotors 3 and 4 and decrease the rate of rotors.


Drones can be controlled by Tabs, smartphones remotely. The pilot can easily use the the devices as an eye of drone. The camera can rotate and can easy view the surrounding. You can also use few apps for GPS coordinates. Another handy feature is it can detect battery charge in realtime.So that if the battery is draining you need to land it immediately.

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