How do Image Recognition works?

Image Recognition Work
Image Recognition Work

How do Image Recognition works?

Our today’s topic is How do Image Recognition works? Image Recognition is in the context of machine vision, is the ability of the camera to identify and detect object or images. Facebook, Google and Amazon can perform face recognition 98% accuracy which is comparable to the capability of a human. The efficiency of depends totally on the ability to match the image with data. The images are data in the form of 2D matrices.

To know in detail how do Image Recognition works? before this, we need to understand human eye works. The eye perceives an image in a form of signals these signals are then sent into our brain results in an experience of the scene, associated with concept and object store in memory. Similar to this concept computer perceives either a raster or vector image computer use machine vision technology in combination with a powered camera and Artificial Intelligence. For this computer need to use few algorithms to know what image contains. 

For example, if the image goal is to identify a cat, the image recognition needs to be trained in with thousands of images of cat and image of background that do not contain a cat. These constructs can then be logically analyzed by the computer to build a model we need neural networks. The neural network is a system of hardware and software that estimate functions that depend on the huge amount of unknown inputs. Then it tries to find planes or surfaces that separate higher dimensional space in a way that all examples from a particular class.

 To need to find the image of a cat in the database of known images which has the closest measurements to our test image. We need to train a classifier that can take the measurements from a new test image and tells us about the closest match with a cat. Running this classifier takes milliseconds and the image will get recognised.

An image recognition algorithm includes the following.

l Optical character recognition

  •  Pattern matching and gradient matching
  •  Face Recognition
  •  License plate matching
  •  Scene identification

We are going to learn about the above algorithms in the next blog and for blogs like How do Image Recognition works? visit Hawkscode and easyshiksha.