How to score well in board exams?


Since the very beginning of the session of class 10, students are advised to chalk out their study plans for the year. Teachers and mentors suggest that making a study calendar is of great help. The study calendar or routine sets a target and motivates students to keep going with the plan. Students set their deadlines for completing revisions according to the exam schedules. Meeting these deadlines boosts up their confidence. Here are some tips that will help students score higher in their board exams.

A time slot for Self-study: 

The most important part of a student’s preparation for board exams is self-study. Students appearing for their board exams, join various tuitions so as to secure a high aggregate score. The sole purpose of these tuitions, that is, to understand, and learn all the chapters in the syllabus, is somehow lost. Students, appearing for their board exams,  remain busy with school and after school tuition throughout the day. Often keeping up with the pace of such a tiring schedule, leaves them with no time for self-study. Self-study is one of the magic ingredients that go in for a good score in board exams. All that, students study in school and in their tuitions have to be well sorted in their mind for a good performance in the exams. And this can only be achieved through self-study. The time a student devotes to self-study has to be well planned as well. Beginning right with learning and understanding of new concepts to solving test papers- all of it has to be done at this time. 

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Set small goals:

There are instances wherein students panic before exam owing to the huge syllabus for board exams. Often this has an adverse impact on their performance, even if they are well prepared. It is observed that those students who set smaller goals are able to achieve a better level of confidence. For instance, if there is a long list of chapters in a subject, it is advisable to set a target of revising each section a day. This might seem to be a little time-consuming in a way, but this is one of the most effective ways of revising the entire syllabus. Besides, making a thorough revision of the syllabus achievable, this also helps to boost the confidence of a student.

Make the most of your time:

It is often said that a stitch in time saves nine. Well, for the students appearing for board exams, there is barely any time left after school and tuitions. Hence, for them, it is all about making the most of the available time. Now with the online study portals, the time constraint can be taken care of, to some extent. The study materials available in the online study portals help students to carry on with their studies even when they are commuting from one place to another. The video tutorials available in online study portals do not keep students waiting with their doubts. They can refer to the required notes and pre-recorded video tutorials, whenever need be. 

Solving previous year question papers: 

Once students are through with the syllabus of their board exams, it is highly beneficial to solve test papers. Apart from going through all the chapters and important notes, it is also necessary for students to assess if they are able to retain all that they have learned. Solving sample test papers will help students to improve their writing skills and skill to analyze the questions. Referring to the solutions of sample test papers will help them frame their own answers in a better way. Also, solving previous years’ question papers within the stipulated time makes familiarity with the question pattern and weightage of different chapters.

An inevitable part of the preparation for board exams is self-assessment. NCERT solutions for class 9 maths by vedantu and other subjects of classes 9 and 10 are available in various online study portals. Students may refer to these solutions in case of doubts, in order to secure a good percentage of marks in their exams.

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