Army Day: Proud to be an Indian


Indian Army Day is celebrated on 15 Jan each year. This day is important. There are 53 cantonments and nine hiding places throughout India. The Indian Army is the fourth-best Army in the world.

All Indian citizens are proud of the Indian army. It saves India 365 days a year, day and night. Even today, our Army is ready to defend India at all borders. Our troops are responding to any problems whenever the opportunity for a terrorist attack in India arises.

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At the moment, the people of our country are because our soldiers are defending their borders. They risked their lives today to keep our future secure. If our nation can maintain its freedom today, it is only for the military. However, we should be grateful every day for saving the Armed Forces, but today it is dedicated to the war, and it allows us to show our love and respect for it.

The day is celebrated in honor of Indian Lieutenant General Kodendra Madappa Kariyappa. Every year various exhibitions and military events are held in the national capital (New Delhi).

Today, ministers and various officials gathered at Amar Jawan Jyoti in New Delhi to pay tribute to the soldiers who sacrificed their lives to save our lives. Our army has been instrumental in maintaining peace and harmony in the country and abroad.

Many countries in the history of the Indian Army have helped other countries defend their independence. We all know the type of Indian army when it comes to national security that it is one of the most powerful armies in the world, but on the other hand, it also has a soft side, as it always helps in preparation. some remains.

By defending human rights and promoting international rule of law, the Indian Armed Forces protects the country not only from external threats but also from internal threats, including natural disasters, to the Uttarakhand disaster, under many conditions of choice. The Indian military has an important role to play in this.

Our personnel are always willing to make sacrifices to protect their country and its citizens. Indian soldiers are a good sign of patriotism. They left their families and served their country and were proud of the country. Devotion, discipline, and zeal are among his most endearing qualities. No soldier on duty can escape across the border. We should all praise his efforts and know what a true zealot is.      


Establishment and organization of Indian Army

The East India Company formed the Indian Army in 1776 in Kolkata. The Indian army has 53 cantonment and nine bases across the country. There is no choice for the military to join the Indian Army of their choice, but the Indian Constitution also prioritizes military recruitment. However, it is not necessary yet.


The main purpose of the Indian Army Day is to honor brave martyrs who sacrificed their lives to protect the borders of India and to defend the country. Today it is regarded as a sacred occasion for national devotion and inspiration. The Indian military supports disaster management and protection and humanitarian assistance.

On Indian Military Day, the Armed Forces make us feel safe and secure. To save the country from trouble, the Indian Army is fighting for its life and doing everything possible to protect the Indians. The Indian military protects the people of the country by risking their lives in the event of natural disasters. On this day, the Indian Army congratulates all the courageous martyrs who gave their lives for their nation.

If the Army does not speak, it is water, and the Army can show its power. India’s military power is a prime example of human protection because whenever disaster strikes, the Indian Army never responds.

Indian Army soldiers promise to continue their service and defend the country and remain ready to face the enemy, whether domestic violence or foreign enemies.

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