Being Unapologetically Yourself

Being Unapologetically Yourself

Earth is round, unapologetically. Sun is way too hot that it would kill lives, unapologetically. Sea and oceans are way too deep to drown lives, unapologetically. There would nothing more rare, nor more beautiful, than a person being unapologetically itself; comfortable in it’s a perfect imperfection in a society where people adores conformity.

What we have got, we either alter it according to the surroundings or hide it deep inside us by the way of dressing, acting or even feeling to fit it. In order to earn that belongingness among the different groups, we are practically changing our real personality and serving ourselves as being someone they’d accept. And, this changing thing is mostly about becoming like those whose so-called appreciation we are seeking We don’t realize how much time and energy is being wasted in being like somebody else than saving that time in being ourselves. Even if we try to be in our own skin, we feel sorry for being so and it is the most disheartening part because being ‘you’ is not at all embarrassing at any level. So what, you don’t know how to use a chopstick while eating Chinese food and everyone is using them or so what you can’t walk in pointed heels while others can. It’s because you either didn’t learned to or it’s not the area of your interest.

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Humans are humans because they are not chameleon that accordingly changes its skin everywhere it goes. We are made to be in our own skin, inside out. Being Raw should be our thing without altering anything though, there is no harm in enhancing yourself but it should be because you want to not because others want to.

Life won’t hit rock bottom if you accept yourself and be unapologetically you because in this world of masked people you will find ones who will love the way you are originally or who knows, what you are seeking is seeking you.

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Being Unapologetically YourselfNikita Bhadoria: Nikita is working with HawksCode Softwares Pvt. Ltd. She has been passionate about writing and been in the field since her schooling days covering a variety of topics like Patriotism, Friendships, Mother’s Presence, Movie Characters, Love, Life, Seasons, etc. Writing is on future cards for her and wishes to write stories that inspire people.

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