Benefits of reading NCERT books


NCERT (National council of Education, Research and Training) has been envisaged the responsible task of developing, documenting, editing, printing and distributing text books for both the primary and secondary levels of education in our country.

The CBSE (Central Board of Secondary Education) syllabus pertains and adheres mainly to the NCERT syllabus. The syllabus in the NCERT is quite vast and elaborate, perfectly including everything necessary for students at various levels of their education.

These books are not just meant to students at the school level or the pre-university level. It is required to be studied for higher level examinations too. Some of the benefits, well known to NCERT book readers are listed below. Let’s take a look:

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Provides in-depth knowledge of fundamental and basic concepts

If you are studying any concept, you must first make sure your basics are right. That said, it is very essential to capture all the fundamental aspects surrounding the concept to get a good start and go in-depth into the topic of study. For this, you can blindly pick up the relevant NCERT text book and you will be provided with ample information to make your basics strong in that particular subject area.

Many problems asked in various examinations, pertaining to the syllabus or not, get answered when we know the concept right. NCERT books are a great source of help in this direction. You can easily grasp all the basic areas of your subject along with fine illustrations to get clarity on your fundamentals plus improve your knowledge on the same.

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Complex topics are easily explained in simple, easy language

If you were to understand a certain topic which is unclear and you don’t know where to find help from. Worry not! If you could find the most relevant NCERT book dealing with that subject matter, you would be given an easy understanding of the topic you were unable to understand. What helps you in these books is the kind of approach implemented to make anyone understand the subject easily.

NCERT consists of its own dedicated, high level panel of experts in the education field who scrutinize and use state-of-the- art skills to explain a topic. This working committee or panel is entrusted to make sure that all levels of students, be it an average or a rank student should be able to follow the concept presented in the book, with the same kind of ease. So to cut it short, complexity is made easy at various levels for better understanding of students in the NCERT books.


Exemplar problems improve analytical thinking and problem solving abilities


What would you gain if you were taught everything conceptually without giving any space to apply it or rather think of it in any way? That definitely wouldn’t serve your purpose! Imagine teaching a concept from the text book plainly as it is. Your students are going to put it into their minds in their own learning capacities and understand it in thousand different ways.

Now let us bring in an example or a case study/problem where a taught concept can find an illustration/application. In this case, students are forced to think analytically, step by step, in short, a track is laid in the form of an exemplary problem to understand how that concept is actually going to be. A better way of understanding the concept in the way it should be understood, instead of giving hundred odd possibilities to students to explore.

Exemplary problems mainly help in streamline concept thinking, understanding and application and prepare the student to apply the concept at any other place, in any other problem area. This way, students are strengthened to find solutions, not just at their school level or within their CBSE syllabus, but outside, even at many competitive exams too.

Attention to detail through a variety of self-assessment questions

Whenever you learn a concept, you have not fully learned it until you are able to apply it elsewhere or are able to solve questions based on them. This is the advantage you have in NCERT books. You can find variety in the kind of self-assessment questions presented at the end of each chapter.

If you are asked a plain question based on any concept, you can also present the concept with the same ease. But if you are able to apply the learned concept, it means you are able to understand the concept thoroughly and hence the application of your knowledge easily follows.

Questions are presented, keeping in mind the importance of each and every concept in these books. They make sure to cover all associated key areas of any concept/topic/subject and ask them in various other forms, to assess students, to quantify their learning and further improve their thinking. Students can also self assess what they have learned, what they need to improve on and where they need to work more.

Extremely useful for most of the competitive exams like NEET, UPSC, JEE etc

Almost every CBSE student refers to NCERT books since it is not only an exhaustive study for them, but it covers almost everything that they need to study and every question that comes, shall be within the premises of the NCERT syllabus.

It is not restricted to the school examinations alone. Many state level and national level competitive examinations prescribe to the NCERT syllabus and many questions are directly taken from these books.

Such is the standard in these books that students taking up the UPSC examination compulsorily refer to these books and conduct an exhaustive study to get a hold on variety of concepts. It also aids in the deeper study of many specialized subjects, but in a simple and easy to understand manner, that caters to all categories and levels of students.

Every book in the NCERT umbrella is prepared after conducting thorough research and qualitative study. Students may not be able to approach their teachers/ mentors always to clear their doubts. So, these books are prepared with a lot of care to make sure that students be able to clear their doubts on their own after studying them thoroughly.

Good illustration to support topics and provide an understanding context is the primary goal of the NCERT unit. Students can have a lot of clarity in the variety of terms and concepts through relevant illustrations, examples and sample problems. Be it a formulae or a derivation, students need not memorize steps to remember them. Instead, they can sit and practise the steps in the text books to help arrive at them easily.

Exercise questions, practice questions, quizzes, fill in the blanks, match the following , exemplar questions, twisted questions, etc – you name it and they are there in all NCERT books. During revision, you many just glance over the points to remember section at the end of each chapter and you are sure to get every point across your mind.

Tips to remember formulae and special notes to add on to any topic for further learning are offered to make your learning more effective and optimal.

If you are preparing for any competitive exam at any level and if you’re confused about the pile of study materials you need to refer to, do not worry! Prepare a study time table and closely follow the CBSE syllabus as you get everything under one umbrella!

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