Best DevOps tools for 2020

Best DevOps tools for 20202
Best DevOps tools for 2020

Best DevOps tools for 2020

In the previous blog, I had talked about DevOps and gives you a brief introduction about this buzz word DevOpsToday I am going to give you a list of best DevOps tools for 2020, but to understand this you need to go through my previous blog about DevOps. 

As technology advances, integration of development and operations bring a new perspective in software Development. DevOps play an important role in automation by building, Testing and deploying projects which are normally termed today as Continuous IntegrationContinuous Testing, and Continuous Delivery. In real-time by creating an environment where a group of people can achieve the goals efficiently and accurately in real-time by using some tools.

The list of some Best DevOps tools for 2020


It is an open-source DevOps tool written in java for monitoring execution of repeated tasks. Pipeline feature it offers, which can be utilized by the developers to automatically commit code into the repository, run test cases, as well as fetch reports obtained after testing. Jenkins requires little maintenance and has a built-in GUI tool for easy updates.


It is a container management tool and used in DevOps to manage software parts as isolated, self-sufficient containers, which can be deployed and run in any environment. Every application container contains the source code, supporting files, run time, system config files, etc. responsible for application execution. By using Docker Engine container can be accessed and can run in a remote environment which leads to reduce infrastructure cost of the organization. 


It is one of the popular open-source DevOps tools. With Nagios, you can keep records of events, outages, and failures. You can also keep an eye on trends with the help of Nagios’ graphs and reports. This way, you can forecast outages and errors and detect security threats.


It is one of the popular DevOps tools, widely used by industries. It allows you to track the progress of your development work. You can save different versions of your source code and return to a previous version when necessary. Git repo hosting services are GitHub and Bitbucket. GitHub is more well-known, but Bitbucket comes with a free unlimited private repository for small teams, but the tools are similar to GitHub easy integration with Jira and Trello, inbuilt CI/CD functionality tend to give this tool by Atlassian an edge.

I hope you like this list of Best DevOps tools for 2020 and there are many more tools. To read a blog like these visit HawkasCode and Easyshiksha.